Friday, April 1, 2016

Obama Administartion least transparent ever

The Associated Press (AP) did an annual review of all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to 100 federal agencies during fiscal 2015 (October 2014 through September 2015).

The Obama Administration set a new record for telling citizens and journalists they couldn’t find a single page requested by their FOIA.

129,825 times government searchers said they came up completely empty-handed last year!

People who used FOIAs to request records received censored files or nothing at all for 77% of their requests = a new record.

Materials were censored, or fully denied access, in a record 596,095 cases, or 77%.

250,024 times the government said it couldn’t find any records, a person refused to pay for copies, or the government determined the request to be unreasonable or improper.

The White House lies by claiming all or parts of records were released for 93% of requests.

This is Obama's final … pitiful … grade from AP 

= the worst Administration ever!

Vice News investigative reporter Jason Leopold had an article published earlier this year whose title says it all: "It Took a FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How the Obama Administration Killed FOIA Reform".

Gawker sued the State Department last year after it said it couldn’t find any emails Hillary Clinton's aide Philippe Reines sent to journalists.

After the lawsuit the State Department "suddenly" found 90,000 documents.

In one document Reines wrote to a reporter, “I want to avoid FOIA.”

The Reines emails showed some reporters took direct orders from Hillary Clinton’s staff.