Monday, May 21, 2018

The Misleading and Biased (as usual) New York Times

WikiLeaks published stolen eMails from John
Podesta and the Democrat National
Committee (DNC) showing how Hillary Clinton
rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders.

According to WikiLeaks, a angry DNC staffer,
who was a Bernie Sanders supporter, gave them a 
flash drive with the DNC emails.

Hillary Clinton tried to divert attention
from those eMails by hiring a 
'Democrat-friendly' company owned
by Ex-Russians who hated Putin
to immediately claim (in one day!)
that Russians hacked the DNC.

Hillary refused to let the FBI examine the 
DNC servers to verify that claim (actually
the location of hackers not caught in
the act is mainly a wild guess), 
so the 'Russians did it' claim is unproven.

In early July 2016, Mr. Christopher Steele 
went to the FBI to talk about the "Trump Dossier"
he was paid to write for Fusion GPS (paid
for by Hillary Clinton & the DNC), which was 
his fictional document to slam Trump
with lies provided mainly by Russian 
intelligence operatives, who have a 
reputation for planting phony stories.

The "Trump Dossier" was hinted about before
the election, but not released - most likely
because nothing in it could be verified 
-- it could have been an "October Surprise"
that backfired.

The Billy Bush's Access Hollywood "sex tape" 
was the first choice - released October 7, 2016
to derail Trump's campaign, and most people
thought it did ... so there seemed to be 
no need to release an unverified Trump Dossier
when there was real audio of Trump talking
trash inside the bus.

By July 2016, Hillary Clinton 
was attacking Trump
about Russian ties that did not exist.

Without any evidence, the FBI, CIA, NSA, 
and Director of National Intelligence 
James Clapper issued a formal assessment 
on Jan. 6, 2017, that “Putin ordered 
an influence campaign in 2016 aimed 
at the US presidential election 
… [in order] to undermine public faith 
in the US democratic process, 
denigrate Secretary Clinton, 
and harm her electability 
and potential presidency.” 

We now know the "influence" 
turned out to be $100,000
of lame Facebook ads, 
most placed AFTER the election.

The most effective ad seemed to be
one organizing a demonstration against
President Trump after the election.

After one year of investigation, Special Council
Robert Mueller has found no Russian ties
 -- if he had, they would have been leaked to the 
leftist-biased mainstream press immediately.

Note: The New York Times
is the perfect newspaper 
to line the bottom
of your bird cage!

The press and the Democrats have all gone 
off the deep end in search of a Russia connection 
that doesn’t exist. 

The New York Times recently had a 3,600-word 
front-page article to explain why the FBI 
had to investigate candidate Trump
immediately after the (sham) "investigation"
of Hillary Clinton ended in early July 2016.

The FBI investigation will be two years old
in two months. 

The N.Y Times article was written by Matt Apuzzo, 
Adam Goldman, and Nicholas Fandos.

The title:
“Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: 
The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation."

Their main argument is that four Trump 
campaign aides had “obvious or suspected 
Russian ties.”

Michael Flynn, 
according to the Times, 
“was paid $45,000 by the Russian 
government’s media arm for a 2015 speech 
and dined at the arm of the Russian president, 
Vladimir V. Putin.”

That is a lie:
Flynn was merely sitting at a table at which Putin 
happened to sit down for “maybe five minutes, 
maybe twenty, tops,” according to Green Party
presidential candidate Jill Stein who was just 
a few chairs away.  No words were exchanged, 
Stein says, and “[n]obody introduced anybody 
to anybody.  There was no translator.  The Russians 
spoke Russian.  The four people who spoke English 
spoke English.”

Paul Manafort, 
who was Trump’s campaign chairman 
for a few months, “lobbied for pro-Russia interests
in Ukraine and worked with an associate who 
has been identified as having connections 
to Russian intelligence.”

That is a lie:
The Manafort associate was a Russian-Ukrainian 
translator named Konstantin Kilimnik 
who studied English at a Soviet military school 
and who vehemently denies any such connection.  
It seems that the Ukrainian authorities 
did investigate the allegations at one point 
but declined to press charges.  
So the connection is unproven.

Carter Page, 
a Trump foreign-policy adviser
“was well known to the FBI” because 
“[h]e had previously been recruited 
by Russian spies and was suspected 
of meeting one in Moscow 
during the campaign.”

That was a lie:
Carter Page was approached by what he thought 
were Russian trade representatives at a 
January 2013 energy symposium in New York.  
When the FBI informed him five or six months later 
that it believed the men were intelligence agents, 
Page appears to have cooperated fully, 
based on a federal indictment filed
faith the Southern District of New York.  

Page acted as an informant helping the FBI.

George Papadopoulos, 
a “young and inexperienced 
campaign aide whose 
wine-fueled conversation 
with the Australian ambassador 
set off the investigation. 
Before hacked Democratic emails 
appeared online, he had seemed to know 
that Russia had political dirt on Mrs. Clinton.”

That was a lie:
Papadopoulos was talking about Hillary's
30,000+ (her number, could be many more)
State Department emails she had stored on a 
private computer, which she had deleted
in response to a subpoena from Congress. 

Papadopoulos was referring to those emails ,
which were in the news because Trump
frequently talked about them, not the eMails 
released by WikiLeaks.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The DeSantis Letter

Following is a summary
of suspected crimes
committed in a failed effort 
to help Hillary Clinton
win the presidency 
... by doing a fake investigation
of her illegal attempt to hide
all her eMails from Freedom of
Information requests that concerned
the Benghazi, Libya attack by Al Kaida
that killed our Ambassador, and three 
other Americans.

Not only did Clinton have all confidential
information sent off the government 
computer system, where it could easily
be hacked, but she also arbitrarily decided
to withhold about half of the eMails
(based on her count, which should not 
be believed, because she lies so often)
from a Congressional investigation,
claiming they were personal.

Hillary Clinton obviously had something
to hide, and so far has kept it hidden. 

My guess is that Clinton did work 
on Clinton Foundation matters while
"at work" for the taxpayers, and there
were also connections between Clinton
Foundation donors and access to 
Clinton and the State Department
(aka "pay for play").   

Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) 
and ten other GOP members of Congress 
wrote a letter to Attorney General 
Jeff Sessions, Attorney John Huber, 
and FBI Director Christopher Wray 
- asking them to investigate 
former FBI Director James Comey, 
Hillary Clinton for potential crimes 
before 2016 election.

Sessions paired special prosecutor 
John Huber with DOJ Inspector General 
Michael Horowitz - Huber's presence 
allows Horowitz to fully investigate 
allegations of FBI FISA abuse 
with subpoena power and other methods 
Horowitz is not able to use.

The GOP letter's focus is on James Comey, 
while the charges for all include obstruction, 
perjury, corruption, unauthorized removal 
of classified documents, contributions 
and donations by foreign nationals 
and other allegations.

The letter demands that Deputy Attorney 
General Rod Rosenstein "be recused 
from any examination of FISA abuse," 
and recommends that "neither U.S. Attorney 
John Huber nor a special counsel 
(if appointed) should report to Rosenstein."  

James Comey
- for obstruction, perjury, corruption, 
stealing public property or records, 
gathering transmitting or losing 
defense information, 
unauthorized removal and retention 
of classified documents, 
false statements. 

"Comey's decision 
not to seek charges 
against Clinton's misconduct
suggests improper 
investigative conduct, 
potentially motivated 
by a political agenda."

The letter calls Comey out 
for leaking his confidential memos 
to the press. 

"In light of the fact that four 
of the seven memos were classified, 
it would appear that former Director 
Comey leaked classified information 
when sharing these memos..." 

Comey "circulated a draft statement" 
of the FBI's decision to exonerate 
Hillary Clinton for mishandling 
classified information 
- a conclusion reached before
the agency had interviewed
key witnesses. 

"At that point, 17 interviews 
with potential witnesses 
had not taken place, 
including with Clinton 
and her chief of staff..." 

The letter also seeks clarification 
on "material inconsistencies 
between the description 
of the FBI's relationship 
with Mr. Steele that you 
[then FBI Director Comey] 
did provide in your briefing 
and information contained 
in Justice Department documents 
made available to the Committee 
only after the briefing." 

Hillary Clinton 
- for contributions and donations 
by foreign nationals

"A lawyer representing 
the Clinton campaign 
and the Democratic National Committee 
paid Washington firm Fusion GPS 
to conduct research 
that led to the Steele dossier..." 

"Accordingly, for disguising payments 
to Fusion GPS on mandatory disclosures 
to the Federal Election Commission, 
we refer Hillary Clinton to DOJ 
for potential violation(s) of 52 USC 30121 
and 52  USC 30101".

Loretta Lynch 
- for obstruction, corruption

"We raise concerns regarding 
her decision to threaten with reprisal 
the former FBI informant 
who tried to come forward in 2016 
with insight into the Uranium One deal."

Of note, this refers to longtime CIA and FBI 
undercover informant William D. Campbell, 
who came forward with evidence 
of bribery schemes involving 
Russian nuclear officials, 
an American trucking company, 
and efforts to route money 
to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Andrew McCabe
 - for false statements, 
perjury, obstruction

"During the internal Hillary Clinton 
investigation, Mr. McCabe 
"lacked candor 
-- including under oath 
-- on multiple occasions," 
the letter reads. 

"That is a fireable offense, 
and Mr. Sessions said that career, 
apolitical employees at the F.B.I. 
and Justice Department 
agreed that Mr. McCabe 
should be fired." 

"The DOJ Office of 
the Inspector General 
recently released 
a February 2018 
misconduct report ... 
confirming four instances 
of McCabe's lack of candor, 
including three instances 
under oath, 
as well as the conclusion 
that McCabe's decision 
to confirm the existence 
of the Clinton Foundation Investigation 
through an anonymously sourced 
quite violated the FBI's and DOJ's 
media policy and constituted 

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page 
- for obstruction, corruption, 

"We raise concerns 
regarding their interference 
in the Hillary Clinton investigation 
regarding her use of a 
personal email server." 

Referring to a Wall Street Journal 
article from January 22, 2018 
- "The report provides the following 
alarming specifics, among others: 
"Mr. Strzok texts Ms. Page 
to tell her that, in fact, 
senior officials had decided 
to water down the reference 
to President Obama to
'another senior 
government official." 

By the time Mr. Comey gave 
his public statement on July 5, 
both references - to Mr. Obama 
and to "another senior 
government official" 
had disappeared." 

"Department of Justice (DOJ) 
and FBI personnel 
connected to the compilation 
of documents on alleged links 
between Russia and then-presidential 
candidate Donald Trump 
known as the "Steele dossier." 

This section of the letter 
calls out Comey, McCabe, 
former acting AG Sally Yates, 
and former acting Deputy 
AG Dana Boente regarding 
the Steele dossier.

"we raise concerns regarding
the presentation of false 
and/or unverified information 
to the Foreign Intelligence 
Surveillance Court in connection with 
the former Trump aide Carter Page" 

"Former and current DOJ and FBI 
leadership have confirmed 
to the Committee 
that unverified information 
from the Steele dossier 
comprised an essential part 
of the FISA applications 
related to Carter Page" 

"Accordingly we refer to DOJ
all DOJ and FBI personnel 
responsible for signing 
the Carter Page warrant application 
that contained unverified 
and/or false information"

The criminal referrals for the group 
allegedly responsible for FISA abuse 
include: obstruction, deprivation of rights 
under color of law, corruption.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mueller puts Trump witch hunt in high gear !

Long ago this blog 
discussed the fake
Hillary Clinton "investigation" 
of deliberately destroyed eMails
under subpoena from Congress.

We now know James Comey wrote
his first draft of an exoneration letter
in late April 2016, with 17 witnesses,
including Hillary Clinton, yet to be 
interviewed by the FBI !

This blog discussed why Robert Mueller
should have been fired immediately,
because there was no evidence of a 
crime, and no specific crime was ever
cited as the reason for his investigation.

Now everyone else realizes that a
Special Council can investigate anything, 
especially after it was obvious there was 
no collusion between Donald Trump 
and anyone else ... not to mention 
that collusion is not even a crime,
unless money or favors change hands,
which no one has ever claimed.

The Mueller witch hunt has morphed
into everything but collusion with Russians,
just like the 1990s Whitewater investigation did, 
after the Clinton's business partners in Arkansas
went to prison, rather that telling the truth
about the Clintons.

FBI investigators are looking at Michael Cohen’s 
interactions with washed up adult-film star 
Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford),
and former playboy model Karen MacDougal, 
who both claim to have had consensual sex 
with a married man (Trump) about ten years ago,
making them appear to be sleazy women!

Cohen never held an official role with
the Trump campaign, but he did become 
deputy finance chairman of the 
Republican National Committee 
after the election. 

I don't know if FBI investigators
were interested in the 
"Access Hollywood" 
Billy Bush videotape.

I hope potential campaign finance 
violations were the main target.

Famous law professor Alan Dershowitz, 
told Slate's Isaac Chotiner:  
    "I know they went after bank records, 
for example. Bank records could be gotten 
from banks. I am told they went after tax records. 
Tax records could be gotten from the tax authorities."

Michael Cohen, the former Trump Organization 
dealmaker, was ( is ? )  the most important 
'non-Trump' in the Trump business. 

Cohen oversaw nearly all the foreign deals 
after the Trump Organization shifted its focus 

Cohen was not part of the Trump Organization
legal team that set up contracts for deals 
other people negotiated, and handled litigation. 

Cohen was a deal maker for international deals. 

Cohen, Ivanka Trump, and Donald YTrump, Jr.,
were the global development team 
when the company explored international deals. 

The Trump Organization did business with 
some corrupt politicians, sanctions-violators, 
and money launderers. 

The only open question is how much they knew 
about their partners' activities. 

Cohen should know how much they knew. 

Cohen flew to Kazakhstan and negotiated 
a failed deal there with Timur Kulibayev, 
an ally of Putin.

Cohen worked on a potential deal
in Moscow that never happened, 
during 2015, and as late as December 2016.

Cohen met with potential overseas partners, 
structured a deal, and went back to NYC
to explain the deal to the Trumps.

Trump made Cohen his sole personal attorney 
post-election, and Cohen formed a new law firm,
perhaps with only one client: President Trump.

Cohen was a fixer / deal-maker,
so having a law firm was designed
to provide attorney-client privilege. 

The probability of a Cohen pardon is high. 

The FBI's early morning raid of Michael Cohen's 
office, home and hotel room suggested investigators 
were looking for evidence of bank fraud, 
and violations of federal elections rules --
maybe including Cohen's $130,000 payment 
to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

The New York Times  claims FBI agents 
were searching for records of payments
made to two women who claimed 
they had affairs with President Trump, 
and the role of the National Enquirer owner 
David Pecker ( and NE parent company 
American Media Inc. ), who may have offered 
former Playboy model Karen MacDougal
a fitness column in his newspaper.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein 
had signed off on Special Counsel 
Robert Mueller's request 
to transfer evidence 
about the Trump Organization 
to Geoffrey Berman, 
the interim US Attorney 
for the Southern District of New York.

Rosenstein personally signed off 
on the FBI's raid of Cohen's offices.

Authorizing the Cohen search 
would require approval 
at the highest levels 
of the Department of Justice.

Searching a lawyer’s files 
is among the most sensitive moves 
a federal prosecutor can make
as they pursue a criminal investigation,
and is very rare. 

In addition to Mr. Rosenstein, 
all of the top law enforcement officials 
involved in the raid are Republicans: 
  Mr. Mueller, Christopher A. Wray,
 the F.B.I. Director, and Geoffrey Berman,
 the interim United States attorney in New York.