Thursday, December 28, 2017

End of Year RussiaGate update

- In early July 2016, 
before Chris Steele’s 
"Trump Dossier" reports,
started floating in, 
the FBI and DOJ, 
announced no charges,
would be brought,
against Mrs. Clinton,
despite strong evidence,
she mishandled,
classified information,
destroyed government files, 
obstructed investigations, 
and lied to investigators. 

- President Obama,
has made it clear,
in public statements,
in early 2016 that,
he did not want,
Hillary Clinton charged.

- The FBI's Director,
James Comey,
shortly afterwards, 
drafted a Clinton 
exoneration statement,
over two months,
before the investigation ended,
and before central witnesses, 
including Ms. Clinton herself, 
were interviewed.

FBI investigators had failed to use,
the grand jury to compel key testimony.

The DOJ had restricted FBI agents,
in their lines of inquiry,
and examination of evidence, 
and granted immunity to suspects,
who in ANY other case,
would have been pressured,
to plead guilty, and cooperate,
against Hillary.

The suspicious tarmac meeting,
between Attorney General Lynch,
and former President Clinton,
shortly before Mrs. Clinton,
was given a peremptory interview,
which was not recorded,
and there was no transcript,
right before FBI Director Comey,
announced she would not be charged,
with anything -- not even given a slap
on the wrist.

A Hillary Clinton win,
would likely have meant,
that Loretta Lynch,
who President Bill Clinton,
had appointed to a coveted,
US attorney position,
would remain,
the US Attorney General. 

Donald  Trump
- No evidence of collusion,
with anyone -- I've repeatedly
said here that Trump is
not the colluding type. 

- No one in the media,
has even bothered to report,
that collusion is not a crime.

Hillary  Clinton:
- Set new national record,
for the number of excuses,
on why she lost the election,
and it would appear that,
she would even blame
before blaming herself.

Jill  Stein
Green Party 2016 Candidate:
- Attended a 2015 dinner,
hosted by (RT) Russia Television,
held in Moscow,
and sat at the same table,
as Vladimir Putin,
and Michael Flynn!

Stein claims she was
not paid to be there, 
paid for her own travel,
and never talked to Putin. 

House  Republicans:
- Members of the,
House Intelligence Committee, 
led by Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA),
are quietly working to build a case,
against senior leaders,
of the Justice Department (DOJ),
and the FBI, for "improper", 
and maybe criminal, 
mishandling, of the unproven, 
34-page Trump Dossier,
filled with tall tales,
invented by Russian agents,
who were paid for their stories.

Republicans reasonably suspect.
the FBI and DOJ,
worked to hurt Trump,
and / or help Hillary Clinton. 

Jim Jordan (R-OH) says,
they are now considering,
contempt charges,
of FBI and DOJ leadership,
and subpoenas over anti-Trump bias:
   “Everything points to the fact 
that there was an orchestrated plan 
to try to prevent Donald Trump 
from becoming the President
of the United States.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.),
unfortunately seems to be a defender,
of the FBI, DOJ, and special counsel. 

James  Comey
Fired FBI Director:
- Now in active marketing mode,
for his upcoming book, 
and making strange Tweets,
-- recently Tweeting that
"Sadly, we are now at a point 
in our political life when anyone 
can be attacked for partisan gain.

Andrew  McCabe
FBI Deputy Director: 
- When asked in Congress
about how hard the FBI worked,
to verify the Trump Dossier, 
McCabe stood by its credibility,
despite the FBI's unwillingness,
to pay former MI6 spy,
Christopher Steele,
an agreed upon $50,000,
if he could verify the claims,
in the document, 
which relied on information from,
senior Kremlin officials,
paid for that information. 

Mr. Steele was never paid,
the $50,000 from the FBI.

McCabe claimed he could not recall,
whether or not the Clinton campaign,
and the DNC funded the Dossier,
despite the alleged existence,
of documents which McCabe signed,
establishing his knowledge,
of its financing and provenance. 

Before McCabe's appearance,
with the House Judiciary Committee,
the DOJ curiously announced he:
"will not be in a position to discuss
matters that are within the scope
of the investigation of Special Counsel 
Robert S. Mueller III." 

- Congressional investigators,
said McCabe dodged questions.
on the Trump Dossier, 
and his testimony also,
"contained numerous conflicts 
with the testimony 
of previous witnesses",

- The House Intelligence Committee,
is planning to issue new subpoenas,
to Justice Department and FBI Personnel.

- When asked about funding,
for the Trump Dossier, 
McCabe claimed he couldn't recall
whether or not the Clinton campaign
and the DNC funded the report - 
despite the alleged existence, 
of documents McCabe signed, 
establishing his knowledge,
of dossier financing and provenance.  

- McCabe plans to retire,
as a result of the,
"Trump Insurance Policy"
debacle, as soon as
he becomes eligible,
for full pension benefits,
in March 2018.

- McCabe's wife's 2016, 
Virginia Senate campaign,
was curiously given $700,000,
from a super PAC,
led by a Clinton ally, 
during her husband's investigation,
of Hillary Clinton !

Robert Mueller
Special Council:
- Mueller inappropriately,
took possession of,
"many tens of thousands",
of emails from the,
Trump transition team, 
obtained through the, 
General Services Administration,
from a special transition email system,
which used a "" address, 
without getting search warrants,
and / or subpoenas.

Sensitive emails to and from,
Trump son-in-law and top advisor,
Jared Kushner, 
comprise 12 email accounts,
one with 7,000 emails in it.

Kory Langhofer, 
counsel to Trump for America, 
wrote in the letter sent to,
House and Senate committees,
that the GSA “did not own or control 
the records in question.”

Langhofer said Mueller’s team has,
“extensively used the materials
in question, including portions
that are susceptible to claims of privilege.”
... that will “impair the ability
of future presidential transition teams
to candidly discuss policy,
and internal matters,
that benefit the country as a whole.”

Robert Barnes, 
a California-based trial attorney,
wrote in "Law & Crime",
that Mueller's mass seizure,
of Trump emails,
violated a number of,
well established laws and precedents.
including the Fourth Amendment,
and attorney-client privilege protections. 

Mueller searched and seized every email, 
without any kind of keyword search, 
exactly the kind of search,
the Supreme Court made clear,
was not allowed under the 4th Amendment. 

Mueller's fake interpretation,
of privacy laws,
will certainly undermine,
the use of secure government servers,
and encourage Hillary Clinton-type,
bathroom closet email servers,
for future transition teams.

Mueller deliberately skipped
court and the government-imposed limits,
on investigative inquiries,
into transition team worker conduct,
under Supreme Court precedent,
ignoring Fourth Amendment restrictions.

As I have said many time,
since he was hired,
Robert Mueller, 
and his team of Democrat lawyers,
who hate Republicans, 
should all be fired immediately,
to stop the witch hunt.

Peter  Strzok 
FBI Agent:
- Strzok told FBI lawyer 
Lisa Page, his mistress,
that Trump was an “idiot”,
and that “Hillary should win,
100 million to 0.” 

Lisa Page agreed that Trump,
was “a loathsome human.” 

Peter Strzok was in charge of,
the FBI's probe into Hillary's,
email server, and then led
the FBI investigation into Trump's
alleged Russian collusion.

His hostile text messages,
critical of Trump,
during the presidential race,
later caused him to be,
reassigned to Human Relations,
in spite of having,
an extramarital affair,
with FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Bruce  Ohr, 
former FBI Deputy Associate 
Attorney General
and his wife Nellie Ohr,
of Fusion GPS:
- Nellie H. Ohr, 
wife of demoted FBI official, 
Bruce G. Ohr, 
worked for Fusion GPS,
the opposition research firm,
in 2016.

A review of her published works,
that were available online,
reveals Mrs. Ohr wrote extensively,
on Russia-related subjects. 

Nellie was paid by Fusion GPS,
through the summer and fall of 2016.

Bruce Ohr met personally 
with Chris Steele. 

And after Trump was elected, 
he got a meeting with Fusion GPS's
Glenn Simpson, who told the
House Intelligence Committee, 
was to “discuss our findings 
regarding Russia and the election.”

Bruce Ohr was demoted for trying to hide,
contacts with the head of Fusion GPS,
and his wife's employment at Fusion GPS.

James  Baker
FBI General Counsel:
- FBI Director Christopher Wray, 
announced that the bureau’s top lawyer,
James Baker, would be leaving his post,
reassigned to another position. 

Baker was “the top suspect”,
in an interagency leak investigation.

Baker’s head was the third to roll,
in the “housecleaning” that saw 
the FBI sanction Strzok and Bruce Ohr, 
two senior DOJ officials.

- According to the Washington Post, 
James Baker communicated with,
Mother Jones reporter David Corn,
in the weeks before the election.
Corn was the first to report,
the existence of the Trump Dossier,
on October 31, 2016.

Glenn  Simpson, 
Fusion GPS founder 
and his wife Mary Jacoby:
- Mary Jacoby,
boasted on Facebook,
about how ‘RussiaGate,’ 
would not exist,
if it weren’t for her husband.

- In a Facebook post,
from June 24, 2017, 
that Tablet Magazine,
has seen in screenshots, 
Jacoby claimed that her husband,
deserves the lion’s share,
of credit for Russiagate: 

- “It’s come to my attention,
that some people still don’t realize,
what Glenn’s role was,
in exposing Putin’s control,
of Donald Trump,” Jacoby wrote. 

- “Let’s be clear. 
Glenn conducted the investigation. 
Glenn hired Chris Steele. 
Chris Steele worked for Glenn.”

Christopher  Steele
British ex-spy,
and author of the Trump Dossier: 
- The "Trump Dossier",
was a Clinton campaign,
opposition research,
investment of about,
one million dollars. 

- In June 2017,
former FBI Director,
James Comey,
testified the Dossier was,
“salacious and unverified”,
which he also told Trump,
in the White House,
in January 2017. 

- If the Dossier was unverified,
as of mid 2017, its allegations,
were not verified in 2016 either,
when it appears the FBI and DOJ,
used the Dossier in an application,
to the FISA court.

- If used to obtain a FISA warrant, 
that meant law-enforcement agencies,
controlled by Democrat Obama,
actually fed the FISA court,
Democrat political campaign material,
paid for by Democrat Hillary Clinton,
who President Obama had endorsed,
to succeed him. 

- Steele’s Russian-regime sources,
had reason to believe their misinformation,
would sow discord in our political system. 

If the FBI and DOJ relied on the Dossier, 
it likely means they were played,
by the Putin regime.

The Clinton campaign,
generated the Dossier,
through lawyers,
who retained Fusion GPS. 

Fusion hired Chris Steele, 
a former British intelligence agent.
who had FBI contacts from,
prior collaborative investigations. 

The Dossier was steered,
into the FBI’s hands,
as it began to be compiled,
in the summer of 2016. 

A Fusion Russia expert, 
Nellie Ohr, 
worked with Steele,
on Fusion’s anti-Trump research.

If you’re paying.
former Russian Federal 
Security Service officers, 
they are going to tell you,
whatever you will pay for.

The claim that Trump lawyer, 
Michael Cohen met with, 
Russian Federation Council, 
foreign affairs head Konstantin Kosachev, 
in Prague during August 2016,
was falsifies by Cohen's own passport.

Carter  Page:
A Trump volunteer, 
who had been a former,
Merrill Lynch stockbroker,
working in Russia,
several years earlier. 

Page went back to Moscow,
in July 2016 at his own expense,
without any mandate,
from the Trump campaign,
and his "meeting with Rosneft", 
consisted of drinks,
with an old buddy,
from his stock broker days,
who had become,
head of investor relations at Rosneft.

The  Facebook  Ads:
The "$100,000 Facebook,
ad buying scheme",
by Russians,
versus $7 billion of spending,
reported by candidates,
and their committees to the FEC, 
and maybe double that amount,
spent by independent committees, 
means $44,000 of Facebook ads,
before the election,
made no difference,
and the remaining $56,000 of ads,
after the election,
certainly made no difference!

None of the Russian financed,
Facebook ads named candidates.

Facebook failed to find any 
“Russian-linked” ads,
during its first two searches ... 
 ... until after Senator Mark Warner (D), 
who is the vice chairman,
of the Senate Intelligence Committee,
and a leader on Internet regulation, 
showed up at Mark Zuckerberg's door,
at Facebook headquarters!

Susan Rice:
She got President Obama,
to lower the classification level,
of the information obtained,
from the Trump campaign,
phone intercepts.
so that transcripts,
could be disseminated,
much more broadly,
than ever before
to all Washington intelligence agencies.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Robert Mueller's Dream Team is a Nightmare !

The FBI has been, 
severely compromised,
after their fake investigation,
of Hillary Clinton,
who did break many laws,
and clearly obstructed justice,
by destroying a lot of evidence,
while the real investigation,
of Donald Trump,
is a broad witch hunt,
aimed at getting him impeached,
in spite of no Russian collusion.

We now know about,
an FBI "insurance policy",
discussed by two high level FBI leaders, 
Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok,
before the 2016 election,
intended to prevent a Trump presidency.

What actually happened really matters,
for the future health of our democracy,
even though Hillary Clinton lost,
and it is now very easy to say,
"The FBI insurance policy didn't work, 
so who cares?"

The following story matters a lot to me,
because it sounds like a KGB operation, 
during the Obama administration.

I have two guesses on what,
the FBI  "insurance policy",
to destroy Donald Trump,
either before, or after, the election,
was supposed to be:

Presenting the "Trump Dossier",
to the public before the election,
as a serious investigation,
rather than the fiction it was.

There were rumors about it,
before the 2016 election,
but the actual dossier,
was not released,
until January 2017,
after the election.

Using the fictional "Trump Dossier",
to launch an FBI Trump-Russia investigation,
with phone taps placed on,
top Trump campaign personnel,
which actually did happen,
but I have to assume, 
they didn't find enough "dirt" to derail Trump.

The inside-the-bus audio recording,
of Trump and Billy Bush,
featuring Trump's ridiculous,
locker room bragging, 
how he was irresistible to women,
but after getting off the bus,
and being greeted by a pretty woman,
Billy Bush had to push 'shy' Trump,
to kiss her on the cheek.

That on-the-bus audio recording,
was the real "insurance policy",
implemented before the election,
to make sure Hillary won,
but Trump denied everything,
and trumped what would have 
cost the election for anyone else. 

Peter Strzok wrote about,
the mysterious "insurance policy",
in a text to his mistress Lisa Page: 
   "I want to believe the path u threw out 
4 consideration in Andy's (McCabe) office
-that there's no way he (Trump) gets elected
-but I'm afraid we can't take that risk.
... It's like an insurance policy
in unlikely event u die be4 you're 40"

This was not a normal conversation.

It sounds very much like,
there was an active FBI measure,
planned, and perhaps taken,
to damage Donald Trump enough,
before the 2016 election, 
so he had no chance of winning.

Fusion GPS was hired by Hillary Clinton,
and paid about one million dollars,
to dig up dirt on candidate Donald Trump,
obtained from Russians, in Russia,
all completely made up to shame Trump,
even though we were repeatedly told,
the Russians wanted Trump to win!

Instead of a big joke that Hillary Clinton,
wasted $1,000,000+,
on "opposition research"
including the fake dossier,
it appears the fake dossier was used,
as evidence to get a FISA warrant,
to spy on high level members
of the Trump campaign,
who frequently spoke to Trump,
before the election!

During the Obama years,
there seemed to be,
little or no distinction,
between the Clinton campaign,
and the Department of Justice / FBI.

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC),
did a great job during hearings of,
Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein,
summarizing DOJ / FBI conflicts,
proving Special Counsel Mueller's probe,
seems like a politically-motivated witch hunt,
led by Obama / Clinton loyalists.  

FBI investigator Peter Strzok,
and his FBI-Attorney mistress Lisa Page,
both central to the Clinton email investigation,
and also the Trump-Russia probe, 
were both removed from Robert Mueller's team,
last summer, for extremely hostile text messages,
about Donald Trump, as candidate and President,
all mysteriously kept secret until last month.

Over 10,000 text messages,
sent between two top FBI investigators,
one of whom led,
both the Clinton email investigation,
and the early Trump-Russia probe, 
revealed profanity-laced messages,
showing a deep hatred for Trump,
between veteran agent Peter Strzok,
and FBI attorney Lisa Page.

Strzok and Page were having,
an extramarital affair,
while working together,
on the Clinton email investigation,
when the texts were exchanged. 

Strzok and Page were fired,
from Robert Mueller's special counsel,
in mid-August 2017 over the messages, 
yet the reason was not revealed,
until last month. 

Strzok is now notorious,
changed the wording
of then-FBI Director James Comey's,
May 2, 2016 draft statement,
on Hillary Clinton's mishandling,
of classified information,
from "grossly negligent",
which are the exact words,
included in the espionage law,
to "extremely careless",
which really means the same thing,
but not using the exact words in the law.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told lawmakers
he is "not aware of any impropriety",
on the Special Counsel team,
in spite of the disturbing fact,
the Mueller team is stacked with,
what appears to be,
all anti-Trump Democrats,
making it likely that was required,
to get on the team.

Two of Strzok's text messages,
referred to an "insurance policy".
against a Trump presidency, 
and a special phone he and Page used
"when we talk about hillary 
because it can't be traced." 

This was shared with “Andy”,
(Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe),
so the "insurance policy",
was also known to McCabe, 
who was supervising,
both the Clinton and Trump,
FBI investigations.

A text from Ms. Page to Mr. Strzok,
on April 2, 2016, said:
"So look, you say we text on that phone 
when we talk about hillary 
because it can’t be traced ..."
during Mr. Strzok’s involvement,
in the Clinton investigation,
and days before he interviewed,
the two top Clinton aides,
Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.
on April 5, 2016 and April 9, 2016. 

Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page,
engaged in communications
about an ongoing investigation,
on a different cell phone,
in an effort to prevent what they said.
from being traced. 

"Why would senior FBI people,
use secret phones,
that "cant be traced",
to talk to, or about, Hillary?" 

The Trump-Russia dossier,
created by opposition research firm,
Fusion GPS in August, 2016,
nine months before,
Robert Mueller's Special Counsel,
was launched.

The "dossier" was a compendium,
of salacious and largely unverified,
allegations about then-candidate Trump,
and others around him.

The FBI soon received the "dossier",
and launched an investigation,
into Russian meddling in the election,
that ultimately included FISA surveillance,
of one or more Trump campaign leaders.

Weeks before the 2016 election, 
Peter Strzok's FBI team,
agreed to pay former MI6 agent,
and Fusion GPS operative Christopher Steele,
$50,000 if he could verify the claims,
contained within the dossier,
which relied on the cooperation,
of two senior Kremlin officials. 

When Steele was unable to,
verify the claims in the dossier, 
the FBI refused to pay him,
according to the New York Times. 

Despite the fact that Steele,
was not paid by the FBI,
for verifying claims in his dossier, 
Peter Strzok used it,
to launch an investigation,
into President Trump's team. 

Steele was ultimately paid $168,000,
by Fusion GPS, for the dossier. 

Glenn Simpson was the head of,
opposition research firm Fusion GPS,
and he admitted in a court filing,
that his firm employed Nellie Ohr,
wife of senior Justice Department official,
Bruce Ohr, to dig up damaging information,
on then-candidate Donald Trump. 

The House Intelligence Committee,
determined that in November 2016, 
Simpson met with Bruce Ohr,
shortly after the election,
to discuss Russia and Trump. 

Bruce Ohr was demoted,
for concealing his meetings,
with Fusion GPS, the firm behind,
the infamous Trump-Russia dossier. 
Ohr's wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS,
as well as the CIA.

Bruce Ohr lost his senior-level DOJ position 
as Associate Deputy Attorney General,
after his meetings with Simpson,
and British spy Christopher Steele, 
who assembled the Trump-Russia dossier, 
were discovered by his superiors. 

Nellie Ohr also represented the CIA's,
 "Open Source Works" group in a 2010,
an "expert working group report,
on international organized crime", 
along with Bruce Ohr and Glenn Simpson.

Fusion GPS was also behind,
the infamous Trump Tower,
"set up meeting",
with Donald Trump, Jr.
with a Russian lawyer,
who allegedly had "dirt",
on Hillary Clinton,
which wasn't true,
and she actually only talked,
about wanting Americans,
to adopt more Russian babies.

Fusion GPS bank records,
reveal DNC law firm Perkins Coie,
paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 in 2016,
for opposition research on Donald Trump,
including the 34-page dossier. 

Perkins Coie spent the money,
on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. 

The text messages,
between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, 
prove that both FBI investigations,
into Clinton and Trump,
were headed by a man, 
aided by his mistress, 
with extreme hatred of Trump,
who did not want to see Trump win.

Strzok and Page were extremely biased,
against then-candidate Trump, 
while going extremely easy,
on Hillary Clinton,
over her mishandling,
of classified information. 

Other Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts:

Peter Strzok wrote:
 "God Hillary should win. 100,000,000 - 0" 

Peter Strzok wrote on 10/20/16:
" I am riled up. Trump is a f*cking idiot, 
is unable to provide a coherent answer.
TO OUR COUNTRY (redacted)??!?! "

Lisa Page replied:
" I don't know. 
But we'll get it back. ... "

 "And maybe you're meant to stay,
where you are, because you're meant
to protect the country, from that menace."

Peter Strzok replied:
"I can protect our country at many levels." 

What does Peter Strzok mean by:
 "protect our country at many levels",
in his text to Page? 

Is it a reference to the mysterious 
"insurance policy"? 

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), 
suggested in a hearing,
with FBI Director Chris Wray last week.
that the Peter Strzok rabbit hole,
might be far deeper, 
than anyone imagined. 

Jordan's theory, 
is that Strzok received,
the controversial "Trump Dossier", 
from the Clinton campaign,
then went to a FISA court,
where he passed it off,
as legitimate intelligence,
in a successful effort,
to obtain FISA warrant(s),
necessary to spy on,
high level members,
of the Trump campaign.

Does all this make America,
seem like a banana republic,

under President Obama?