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Robert Mueller is bad news and should be fired !

Added Tuesday: 
According to Newt Gingrich, who I trust, Justice Department employees gave 97% of their 2016 campaign donations to Hillary Clinton, or other Democrats, and Robert Mueller's law firm gave 99% of contributions to Clinton, or other Democrats.

There is nothing to be gained from having Robert Mueller searching for a crime when there is no evidence of collusion with Russians, or obstruction.  

The FBI has been investigating since July 2016 -- it is almost one year, and there's NOTHING -- any evidence would have been leaked the day it was found.

The last Special Council, during the Bush Administration, investigated for three years until someone could be put in prison -- that someone was Scooter Libby who DID NOT commit any crime. 

Trump should fire the Deputy Attorney General Rosenstain who picked Mueller -- already a conflict of interest since Mueller and Comey were friends for many years -- and Robert Mueller, who is obviously a Democrat on a witchhunt without constraints for as many years as he needs to find someone to hang.

Original post:
Since his appointment by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Special Counsel Robert Mueller enjoyed bipartisan praise in Washington D.C.  

That made me suspicious.

James Comey cast a shadow over Mueller's independence last week when he admitted under oath that he leaked FBI documents to the New York Times with the express intent of getting a Special Counsel appointed to investigate Trump's team.

And maybe it's a coincidence, but Comey and Mueller, both former FBI Directors, are friends!

Mueller should recuse himself if Comey is involved in this investigation ... and he must be involved because no one else suggested Trump committed obstruction of justice!

Unfortunately several of Mueller's early hires have all been contributors to Hillary Clinton's and/or Barack Obama's previous campaigns -- if this pattern continues, this is a witchhunt, not an impartial investigation, and Mueller should be fired:

If Mueller continues to staff his team with Democrats, Congress could intervene and abolish the independent counsel.

Michael Dreeben, the Justice Department’s deputy solicitor general, is working on a part-time basis for Mueller, The Washington Post reported. 
Dreeben donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate political action committee (PAC), Friends of Hillary, while she ran for public office in New York. 
Dreeben did so while he served as the deputy solicitor general at the Justice Department.

Jeannie Rhee, another member of Mueller’s team, donated $5,400 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign PAC Hillary for America.

Andrew Weissmann, who serves in a top post within the Justice Department’s fraud practice, is the most senior lawyer on the special counsel team, Bloomberg reported. 

He served as the FBI’s general counsel and the assistant director to Mueller when the special counsel was FBI director.

Before he worked at the FBI or Justice Department, Weissman worked at the law firm Jenner & Block LLP, during which he donated six times to political action committees for Obama in 2008 for a total of $4,700.

James Quarles, who served as an assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, has donated to over a dozen Democratic PACs since the late 1980s. 

He was also identified by the Washington Post as a member of Mueller's team.

Starting in 1987, Quarles donated to Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis’s presidential PAC, Dukakis for President. 

Since then, he has also contributed in 1999 to Sen. Al Gore’s run for the presidency, then-Sen. John Kerry’s (D-Mass.) presidential bid in 2005, Obama’s presidential PAC in 2008 and 2012, and Clinton’s presidential pac Hillary for America in 2016.

Mainstream commentators display amnesia when they describe former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey as credible law enforcement figures. 

As top law enforcement officials of the George W. Bush Administration (Mueller as FBI Director, and Comey as Deputy Attorney General), both presided over post-9/11 cover-ups and secret abuses of the Constitution, and enabled Bush-Cheney lies to launch the war on Iraq.

Mueller denied or downplayed the significance of warnings that had poured in before the 9/11 attack -- all ignored or mishandled during the Spring and Summer of 2001.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Mueller directed the “post 9/11 round-up” of about 1,000 immigrants who happened to be in the wrong place (the New York City area) at the wrong time. 

FBI Headquarters encouraged more detentions for what seemed to be public relations purposes. 

FBI field offices were required to report daily the number of detentions in order to supply grist for FBI press releases about FBI “progress” in fighting terrorism. 

Some of the detainees were jailed for up to a year -- none turned out to be terrorists.

Deputy Attorney General James Comey went along with the abuses of Bush and Cheney after 9/11 and signed off on highly illegal programs including warrantless surveillance of Americans and torture of captives. 

Comey also defended the Bush Administration’s three-year-long detention of an American citizen without charges or right to counsel.

Mueller was okay with the CIA conducting torture programs after his own agents were warned against participation. 

CIA agents were simply instructed not to document such torture, and any “war crimes files” disappeared. 

Not only did “collect it all” surveillance and torture programs continue, but Mueller’s (and then Comey’s) FBI later worked to prosecute NSA and CIA whistleblowers who revealed these illegalities.

Mueller's close “partnership” with Comey, has been called “one of the closest working relationships the top ranks of the Justice Department have ever seen,” 

Mueller didn’t speak the truth about a war he knew to be unjustified. 

He didn’t speak out against torture. 

He didn’t speak out against unconstitutional surveillance. 

And he didn’t tell the truth about 9/11. 

James Comey testimony vs. Trump vs. Watergate

Note: I do not trust James Comey, especially when he makes unsupported claims against President Trump after being fired.

Former FBI Director James Comey's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee alleged that Trump asked him, when discussing the investigation of General Mike Flynn, to “let this go.”

The president has legal authority to dismiss the FBI director, as Comey testified, and even to direct what the FBI does and does not investigate.

Yet the FBI holds itself to be “independent”? 

Trump views the federal bureaucracy as the enemy.

Comey testified that Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch “directed me not to call it (Hillary Clinton destroyed eMails) an investigation, but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me.” 

Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton on a runway tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona prompted Comey to expand his role leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s activities ... into taking over the Justice Department's duty to decide whether Clinton should be prosecuted ... which was unprecedented. 

“In an ultimately conclusive way, that was the thing that capped it for me, that I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation, which meant both the FBI and the Justice Department,” he told Sen. Richard Burr.

Comey told Sen. Joe Manchin, “if Hillary Clinton was elected, I might have been terminated.” 

Comey's  job was not likely to last whether Trump or Clinton won the election!

Comey admitted to illegally leaking his memo of his talk with Trump about Flynn. 
" ... I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. Didn’t do it myself, for a variety of reasons. But I asked him to, because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. And so I asked a close friend of mine to do it.”

Any disgruntled FBI man or other government intelligence insider who wants to damage a president, or sabotage an elected leader’s agenda, he has the means to do it. 

Mark Felt did so as “Deep Throat” -- his leaks allowed Woodward and Bernstein to break open the Watergate scandal. 

Mark Felt did not act only out of public interest -- he was angry at President Nixon for failing to make him the next FBI director.

Comey did not take Trump’s wishes regarding General Flynn as an order. 

He did not consider resigning (as he had once earlier in his career during the George W. Bush administration). 

Trump allegedly raised the Flynn matter only once. 

Trump did not try to shut down the investigation into Russia’s interference into the 2016 election.

There is no known crime at the heart of the Trump-Russia collusion charges affair.

No hush money changed hands.

Comey affirmed in his testimony that he told Trump more than once that he (Trump) was not a target of investigation in the Russia inquiry. 

Comey did say that Flynn was in possible legal jeopardy, as a result of his interactions with foreign officials and what he told the FBI. 

Flynn violated rules for foreign lobbyists, like many people do.

If he lied to the FBI, he would be subject to prosecution. 

Trump violated norms if he really suggested to Comey that the FBI should “let go” of the investigation into Flynn, but that was NOT a crime.

The only possible "scandal" here is Trump’s disregard for Washington’s norms ... which is what got him elected. 

Today none of the institutions of government or media, except the military, has popular support. 

The differences vs. Watergate:
There was a real crime at the heart of the Watergate affair -- the burglary of DNC offices in the Watergate complex.

More crimes were committed as part of the cover-up. 
Nixon knew that his staff was paying hush money to the burglars. 

The hush money was important for convincing members of Congress that impeachment was justified, although Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Update on Seth Rich and James Comey firing

Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich was gunned down July 10, 2016. 

The mainstream media insist the Washington DC neighborhood where Rich was killed was a violent neighborhood.

But in the original CNN video, liberal CNN reported: 
   "that the people living in that neighborhood for more than 60 years say that they cannot even remember the last time in their lives that they heard gunshots around here." 

There was no sign of a robbery -- Rich's watch, wallet/cash and smart phone were not taken. 

Twelve days later WikiLeaks released embarrassing DNC emails that documented DNC favoritism towards Hillary Clinton and an effort to stop her opponent Bernie Sanders. 

The emails led to the resignation of party chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 

There has been speculation that Rich was the WikiLeaks source, mainly because WikiLeaks said the source was a leak by an DNC insider, and offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich's murderer.

Rich’s killing did not look like an ordinary Washington robbery and murder. 

(1) Maybe Rich’s murderer or murderers botched it -- killing a man in the middle of the night and taking nothing? 

(2) Maybe the murder did not look like a robbery because it wasn't.

Maybe it was a murder meant to send a message to anyone else in the DNC who might have been considering “betraying” the Democrats?

If that was true, making it look like a robbery would have muddled the message. 

After the WikiLeaks’ Podesta and other eMail disclosures, the DNC concocted a Russian hacking story to discredit the eMails and bump their content out of the headlines.

They hired cyber security firm CrowdStrike, owned by Russian ex-patriots who hated Putin, to “verify” their story.

Russia was blamed after one day, as if CrowdStrike had been told the desired "best possible political answer" in advance.

No one in the US government (Obama administration) was ever allowed to check DNC computers and servers to verify the quick CrowdStrike conclusion.

The imaginary Russia - DNC hacking story became the foundation for the imaginary Russian-Trump collusion story. 

Democrats must have assumed the Russia - DNC hacking story would keep the eMail's content out of the headlines, and could be used to smear Trump, making it easier for Hillary Clinton to win, 

Then Trump won the election, and a frantic effort to depose him began immediately. 

The flimsy Russia - DNC hacking story was never abandoned, even though the computers were hidden from government investigation and the only "evidence" to support it was bought and paid for by the DNC.

In addition, the country of origin of malware / hackers is always a guess -- often a wild guess -- and never certain, unless you catch them in the act.

The Russia - DNC hacking story morphed into a phony Russia - Trump collusion story, also with no evidence to support it. 

FBI Director James Comey’s firing was unlike most stories in the leak-prone Trump administration.

There was no leak -- secrecy was tightly maintained. 

Comey was also "fired by television" (a letter was later delivered) while he was 3,000 miles away from Washington in California. 

Perhaps secrecy was maintained, and the trip to California was the intended timing?

At that distance from Washington DC, Comey had no chance to clean out his office paper files and purge his FBI office computer and any electronic files saved on an FBI server.

Comey's laptop computer may have been with him in California.

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions had the authority to take control of Comey’s office paper files, computer, and electronic files on an FBI server (like Hillary Clinton did for Vince Foster's office, minutes after finding out he was dead ... which happened to be only one day after Bill Clinton fired his FBI Director!). 

As head of the FBI, Comey may have collected secrets about friends and foes -- the job’s best perk, according to J. Edgar Hoover. 

If Jeff Sessions now has information from Comey's files, then some people in Washington may be frightened by what he (and Trump?) knows.

Islam = Violent Religion

What Every American Needs To Know About The Quran 
By William J. Federer

        Excerpt from the above book:


Jesus was a religious leader.

Mohammed was a religious leader, a political leader and a military leader.

Jesus never killed anyone.

Mohammed killed an estimated 3,000 people, including beheading 700 Jews in Medina.

Jesus never owned slaves.

Mohammed received a fifth of the slaves taken in battle, including African slaves, as he was Arab.

Jesus never married.

Mohammed had at least 11 wives, plus slave wives, concubines, and women taken in battle.

Muslim apologists do not deny Mohammed’s actions, but respond that King David was a prophet who killed people, led armies, owned slaves and had wives.

-- The response is still that Jesus never killed anyone, never owned slaves and never married.

-- Besides, King David only wanted a small piece of land - there is no command in the Old Testament for Jews to subdue the world to Yahweh by force.

Jesus never forced his followers to believe. 
- When his sayings were not understood, “many of his disciples, when they had heard this said, ‘This is a hard saying, who can hear it?’...Many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him. Then Jesus said to the twelve, ‘Will ye also go away?’ Then Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.’” (John 6:31-69)

Mohammed forced his followers to continue believing, saying in the Hadith al-Bukhari 
(Vol. 9, Bk. 84, No. 57): 
“Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.”

Jesus did not permit followers to lie and rape.

Mohammed permitted followers to lie to spread Islam and to rape infidel women taken in battle.

Jesus never avenged insults, but forgave.

Mohammed avenged insults, ordering Ibn Khatal and his slave girls killed for making fun of him in poems.

Jesus never tortured anyone.

Mohammed had the chief of Khaybar tortured to get him to reveal the location of the tribe’s treasure.

None of Jesus’ Apostles led armies, but instead spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire by loving their enemies and dying for their faith.

All the Caliphs and Sultans led armies.

In the first 300 years of Christianity, there were ten major persecutions by the Romans, resulting in thousands of Christians being killed in the Coliseum and fed to the lions. Never once did Christians lead an armed resistance against those who attacked them.

In the first 300 years of Islam, Muslim armies conquered Arabia, Persia, the Holy Land, North Africa, Spain, Southern France, Central Africa, and invaded vast areas of Asia and Asia Minor.

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for them which despitefully use you 
(Matt. 5:44)

Resist not evil 
(Mat. 5:39) 

If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to them the other 
(Mat. 5:39)

If someone takes your coat, give them your shirt 
(Mat. 5:40)

If someone make you carry something one mile, 
carry it two 
(Mat. 5:41)

Forgive and you shall be forgiven 
(Mat. 6:14) 

Judge not, that ye be not judged 
(Mat. 7:1) 

Blessed are the merciful, 
for they shall obtain mercy 
(Mat. 5:7) 

Blessed are the peacemakers 
(Mat. 5:9) 

Treat others the way you want to be treated 
(Luke 6:27-36)

 Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt not kill, but I say who ever is angry with his brother is in danger of the judgment
 (Mat. 5:21-22)

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, whatever you do to the very least you have done unto me 
(Mat 25:40)

Infidels are your sworn enemies 
(Sura 4:101) 

Be ruthless to the infidels 
(Sura 48:29) 

Make war on the infidels who dwell around you 
(Sura 9:123, 66:9) 

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (Sura 9:29) 

Strike off the heads of infidels in battle 
(Sura 47:4) 

If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him 
(al-Bukhari 9:84:57) 

Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends (Sura 5:51, 60:13) 

Never help the disbelievers 
(Sura 28:86) 

Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them 
(Sura 2:191) 

The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land 
(Sura 5:33)

No Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel 
(al-Bukhari 1:3:111)

Jesus taught that we are children of God and that God was our Father 
(Mat. 6:10)

Mohammed considered it blasphemy to call Allah your father, as Allah took no wife and has no children. 
(Sura 5:18)

Jesus taught that man was made in God’s image. 
(Matt 22:20, referring to Gen. 1:26-27, 9:6)

Mohammed taught that Allah has no image. 
(Sura 42:11, Sura 112:4)

Jesus taught “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”
(Matthew 6:10-15) 

Mohammed taught to avenge trespasses and insults committed against one’s honor, family or religion.

When violence was committed against Jesus, he did not retaliate but allowed himself to be crucified. 

When violence was committed against Mohammed, he retaliated, ordering his enemies killed.

The concept of a martyr in Christian and Jewish thought is one who would die for their faith.

The concept of martyr in Islamic thought is one who would die for their faith while killing infidels.

Jesus taught that religion is from the inside-out.

Mohammed taught that religion could be forced from the outside-in.

Christianity teaches God wants a personal relationship with each individual believer.

Islam teaches that individual believers cannot have a personal relationship with Allah.

Jesus’ religion is one of 
forgiveness and love. 

Mohammed’s is one 
of fear and subjugation."

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James Comey Should Go To Prison

I wrote an article in early October 2016 calling for FBI Director James Comey to be fired by President Obama.

A good FBI Director is a burearucrat who should be unknown to 99.99% of the population. 

Comey violated that precedent.

Comey's job was to lead an organization that did secret investigations and handed off secret reports to Justice Department prosecutors.   

Comey violated that precedent.

I mentioned that firing Comey was probably the only thing Democrats and Republicans agreed on.

After his shocking self-incriminating testimony this week, I'm now calling for James Comey to be prosecuted for the four felonies listed below, and sent to prison for at least one year.

During his testimony Comey admitted to four felonies that I recognized -- and there may be more.

Comey also admitted he was a "leaker" -- and I find it hard to believe he only leaked government information one time in his whole life!

(Felony #1) 
Loretta Lynch obstructed justice by ordering Comey to call the Hillary Clinton investigation a "matter" rather than calling it an "investigation".

Lynch wanted that word used to match what the Clinton campaign was saying -- the campaign never used the correct word "investigation" -- and using the best propaganda word is very important to liberals.

Comey failed to report this obstruction of justice (and I would be shocked if there was not more obstruction than that not made public yet) -- Comey was apparently so frightened that he did exactly what Lynch told him to do, which was unethical.

Comey had an obligation to report any obstruction to the Inspector General in the Justice Department -- he did not, and that failure was a felony, 

(Felony #2) 
Comey claimed President Trump pressured him to leave General Flynn alone during a one on one meeting in the White House, so flustering him that he failed to tell Trump he couldn't do that.

Pressure on the FBI Director is obstruction of justice -- Comey's failure to report it to his superiors at the Justice Department was a felony. 

Comey also testified to Congress under oath that he has never been obstructed, and then contradicted himself in the latest testimony under oath -- both can't be true.

(Felony #3) 
After meetings with President Trump, Comey said he would sit in his government car, and type meeting notes on a government laptop computer, during his workday as a Justice Department employee.  

Those notes were government property, so it was a felony to send a copy of at least one note to a Columbia Law School Professor friend, with instructions to leak the contents of the note to The New York Times.

(Felony #4) 
James Comey signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of his Justice Department employment contract.

Disclosing what was said in a private meeting with President Trump to a private sector friend violated the non-disclosure agreement, and is a felony.

Comey is a member of the New York Bar Association, he violated their rules by forwarding workplace notes to the New York Times through a friend ... for the sole purpose of embarrassing his former employer -- violating his non-disclosure agreement, and trying to keep his involvement secret was legal misconduct. 

If Comey has a license to practice law, he should lose it.  

PART 1200 
RULE 8.4.


A lawyer or law firm shall not:

(b) engage in illegal conduct that adversely reflects on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer;

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

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Islam is a religion of peace ?

Copied from my September - October 2016 ECONOMIC LOGIC newsletter:

Liberal Myth #5:  
Islam is a religion of peace

Each act of terrorism temporarily disrupts a local economy, but also has national costs: For the US, there have been trillions of dollars spent fighting back, thousands of deaths, and far too many maimed soldiers ... yet the number of Quran-inspired terrorist attacks around the world remains in a long-term uptrend. 

Muslim terrorists first attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, killing six people. 

President Clinton had eight years to kill or capture Osama bin Laden. 

George W. Bush had eight more years. 

The leader of al Qaeda was eventually killed by US NAVY SEALS while living in Pakistan -- an 'ally' we had been paying for years to search for him -- they took our money, but I wonder how hard they looked?  

Fighting a very expensive war in Iraq, a nation not connected to the 9/11 attacks, was our choice -- pulling out our troops after the regime change was our second mistake, because it allowed ISIS from Syria to spread to Iraq and many other nations. 

Taking terrorism into the internet age -- ISIS is using social media to 'inspire' Muslims living in predominantly Christian nations to kill people at random.

There are violent verses in the Quran. 

There are also violent verses in the Christian / Jewish Old Testament Bible. 

The differences are very important:
(1)  Violence in the Bible refers to a specific time and place, and

(2) Violence in the Quran is written in general terms, with no time constraints.

In the Bible, God specifically commanded Joshua to annihilate the Canaanites -- but that was not a general instruction to commit violence today. 

In the Quran, there are general instructions to punish and kill unbelievers, with no time constraints.

If Islam is such a "peaceful" religion, then why have Muslims killed so many Christian and Jewish strangers who did nothing to them, and why are Muslim children taught to hate Christians and Jews in their schools?

Danish linguist Tina Magaard spent three years studying texts of the ten largest religions to determine whether any incite violence. 

Her conclusion: 
“The texts of Islam are clearly distinct from the other religions texts as they, to a higher degree, call for violence and aggression against followers of other faiths. 

There are also direct incitements to terror. 

… Moreover, in the Qur’an there are hundreds of invitations to fight against people of other faiths."

"The verses are in black and white and without mitigating context. One of the verses that deal with non-Muslims is: “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them.” (Quran 47: 4).

There are over 100 verses in the Quran about peace and patience in the earlier sections. 

But they have been contradicted by later verses. 

This is known as nasikh (abrogation) -- verses written later in time override earlier verses. 

This can be confusing because the Quran includes all the verses, but they are not arranged chronologically.

In AD 614 Allah made one verse Surah 2:256 
“There is no compulsion (coercion) in religion.” 

... Then in AD 627 a very different Surah 9:5 
"Then fight and slay the Pagans (the unbelievers) wherever you find them ... ". 

The second violent Surah overrode the earlier peaceful Surah. 

For Christians, the Old Testament is the foundation for the New Testament. 

And the New Testament is much less violent. 

For Muslims, the original Quran is the first and only 'bible'.

In the Old Testament adultery and homosexuality were punishable by death under Israelite law. 

In the New Testament, the punishment was reduced to excommunication. 

Among Jews, Old Testament laws were not taken literally (such as 'an eye for an eye'), but were interpreted to have an appropriate monetary payment as a punishment.

The original Quran is the final authority for Muslims -- there is no New Quran after it, nor can it be interpreted to be non-violent. 

(A) Early Christians were killed 
for their faith:
- Jesus was crucified, and ordered followers not to defend him.

- Christians celebrate Jesus' bloody death on the cross. 

- Christian violence against Jews and Muslims during the Crusades was an exception that was not be justified by the New Testament.

(B) Early Muslims killed others 
for their faith:  
- Muhammad started as a peaceful preacher, but became a soldier to get money for his followers -- he fought aggressive, offensive wars to subdue enemies, and on one occasion beheaded Jewish captives.

- Muslims celebrate Muhammad's bloody victory at Khaybar. 

- Wars fought in the name of Allah can be justified by the Quran. 

Islam source texts:
(1) Quran = 'bible'
(2) Sira = official biography of Mohammed
(3) Hadiths = collected reports of the life of Mohammed, which are considered compulsory ‘legislation’
(4) Manuals of Sharia law 

Islam is not the only religion whose 'bible' includes violence. 

But Islam does have the most violent 'bible". 

A smarmy Muslim leader who wants to promote violence can find plenty of ammunition there: Note: I've repeatedly read claims that English translations of the Quran tend to make the religion seem more peaceful than the original language.      

    Quran (2:216)  =  
"Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." 

   Quran (3:56)  =  
"As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

  Quran (3:151) = 
"Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority."

   Quran (8:12)  =  
"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

   Quran (8:39)  =  
"And fight them (the unbelievers) on until there is no more tumult or oppression and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.”

   Quran (8:67)  =  
"It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land..."

  Quran (9:30) = 
"And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!"

   Quran (9:123)  =  
"Fight the unbelievers in your surroundings and let them find harshness in you."

  Quran (48:29) = 
"Those who follow Mohammed are merciless for the unbelievers but kind to each other."

  Hadith Sahih (4366)  =  
"I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims."