Friday, March 25, 2016

The Clintons' Open Marriage

I doubt if anyone would disagree that Bill and Hillary Clinton have a bizarre marriage, especially considering their lives are public! 

Most of the time they don't live in the same house, or even in the same state.

They have always had what is technically known as an "open marriage".

We should have known that since the mid-1990s, but Democrats have effectively 'spun' their relationship as a 'horndog president who cheats on his loyal wife, and that's private business that doesn't matter.' 

Clintons' friends in Arkansas knew Bill was a serial cheater even when he was dating Hillary before they were married in the 1970s.

His "private life" would embarrass any wife not 'riding on her husband's coat tails'. 

It appears Bill and Hillary have an "agreement" where both of them can 'fool around'. 

The Arkansas Governor's staff knew that -- guards would drive Bill to his girlfriends' apartments and wait in the state car for them -- not exactly a legal use of state funds!

Bill has had many long-term affairs, and hundreds of 'one night stands'.

Hillary has had at least two affairs with fellow Rose Law Firm lawyers (Webster Hubbell and Vince Foster).

There were many witnesses in Arkansas who saw  inappropriate behavior in public !

Hillary's daughter Chelsea used to look a lot like Webster Hubbell before her many plastic surgeries, for one obvious reason.

Webster Hubbell is very likely to be Chelsea Clinton's real father.

Before plastic surgery:

 After plastic surgery: 

Further reading:

It appears Hillary was exclusively gay in recent decades.

She has had at least one long-term affair, and some one night stands too.

Hillary's attractive top aide Huma Abedin has a similar bizarre open marriage to the infamous Anthony Weiner. 

It would be humiliating for any wife to have a blatantly 'horndog' spouse, such as  Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner, unless she didn't care ... because it was only a "marriage of convenience" to benefit her career. 

The National Enquirer has printed for years Hillary and Huma have a lesbian relationship. 

I would be very surprised if Hillary Clinton was not gay … although she could be asexual now, considering her age and serious health problems she tries to hide. 

I think being a lesbian might be an advantage for a female President, especially for the job as Commander-in-Chief, based on personality characteristics of lesbians I've known. 

I don't care if the Clintons have an open marriage. 

I don't care if Hillary is bisexual or gay.

In 2016 there is something wrong about being gay and also 'in the closet' -- it is nothing to be ashamed of.

I would have a more favorable opinion of Hillary if she told the truth.

But "truth" and "Hillary" don't belong in the same sentence.

The completely false image of her marriage is one more example of an incredible amount of lying by both Clintons.

More important, a secretly gay politician is too vulnerable to extortion.

If you are a gay American in 2016 there is no reason to keep that fact secret, no reason to be ashamed to tell everyone you know, and no reason for anyone to discriminate against you. 


My favorite composer, Cole Porter, was gay, so anyone who insults gay people insults some of my favorite music, and I won't tolerate that !


"Passion and Betrayal"

by Gennifer Flowers, 

page 42:   

(Flowers asks): “There’s something you need to know. I’ve been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman.

I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn’t believe it when he burst out laughing. 

…  Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn’t really bother him anymore."


February 10, 2003
   Strategic Investment newsletter, 
by Jack Wheeler

“My sources indicate that Hillary Clinton is bisexual and fools around more than her husband. The stories you hear from the Secret Service, detailed to guard her, are mind boggling … It is Hillary that is pushing the White House’s homosexual agenda.”


June, 2005:

In "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, And How Far She’ll Go To Become President", author Edward Klein claimed:

Hillary “had no wifely instincts,” and “many of her closest friends were lesbians.” 

But she was “much more interested in lesbianism as a political statement than a sexual practice … Hillary talked about it a lot, read lesbian literature, and embraced it as a revolutionary concept.” 

Klein decided Clinton was asexual.

July, 2007:

   Huma Abedin was mainly known as Clinton’s glamorous top aide when the New York Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto, who is gay, claimed Hillary was trying to hide her lesbian lover Huma “in plain sight” by hiring her on staff.

March, 2013:

   The National Enquirer claimed Hillary Clinton would eventually “admit that she’s bisexual and has had lesbian relationships.”, and revealed “a veterinarian who treated the family cat Socks at the White House stumbled upon her locked in a steamy embrace with a woman.” 

A Washington, DC veterinarian visiting the White House to treat Socks the cat and “had opened the wrong door and discovered Hillary locked in a passionate embrace with another woman.” 

"State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton"

by Jerry Oppenherimer

page 218 

April 15, 2015

   The National Enquirer claims: 
"… some of the presidential candidate’s famously “deleted” emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names."

“I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay,” said a Clinton insider. 

“That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!”

The list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers includes a beauty in her early 30s, a popular TV and movie star; the daughter of a top government official, and a model.

"Hillary made the huge mistake of mixing public and private messages while using her personalized email server – before risking a massive scandal by refusing to make the documents public."

“That’s clearly why she went to the extraordinary step of deleting everything.”