Friday, March 25, 2016

Dump Trump or Lose

My first article on this blog ended with these words:

"A vote for Trump is also a vote for more embarrassing statements, such as: "I love the poorly educated." He should speak like an adult, or shut up. Trump needs a speechwriter and a Teleprompter. At least Obama knew that he did. "

Well,  I'm sure Donald Trump was not listening to me -- if he was, he'd probably sue me for libel -- but he actually used a Teleprompter for his speech to the American Israeli Political Action Committee. 

The speech was "Presidential".

I was shocked he read a speech that was obviously written by someone else.

Not as good as the Ted Cruz speech that followed, but Trump gave a good speech.

And then he apparently retired the Teleprompter.

A recent Fox News poll showed Trump losing to Clinton by about ten percentage points, and even more if he ran against Bernie Sanders.

Trump's only chance of being President appears to be hoping Hillary is indicted by the Justice Department before the election.

Of course the Justice department will do whatever Obama wants it to do -- 99% politics, 1% justice.

I imagine Obama does not want his Affordable Care Act overturned by a Republican President's signature, which could happen if Trump won the election and Congress remained Republican.

That's why I don't expect an indictment , which I assume would destroy Hillary's chances of winning … although not that much in this crazy election year has been predictable !

Without a teleprompter, Trump reverted back to his version of "normal" -- insulting Ted Cruz's wife's appearance by posting a very unflattering picture of her on Twitter.

Trump claimed his 'tweet' was in response to a PAC that posted a very attractive picture of his wife, taken when she was a model -- in my opinion nothing about that picture was insulting (Mr. Trump regularly 'trades in' his wives to marry good looking younger women, and his current wife is no exception).
The reason I have eliminated political articles from my ECONOMIC LOGIC blog is so I can say things like this without insulting paid subscribers:

- Trump is the worst major party Presidential candidate in my lifetime.

- Trump speaks at a sixth grade level.

- Trump is a 'loose cannon' in response to Alinsky-style character attacks, which Hillary Clinton is skilled at.

- Trump speaks in platitudes.

- Trump has no depth of knowledge of any policy issues, and has not been improving since he started to run in mid-2015.

- Trump foolishly favors high tariffs to "fight" a balance of trade deficit, with no apparent realization that high tariffs lead to destructive trade wars.    

If Hillary Clinton went to her friends in Hollywood and asked for an ideal Republican candidate from 'central casting' to run against, I think she'd ask for:
    An overweight, very rich white man, who insults people, shoots from the hip instead of reading professionally prepared speeches, and has minimum knowledge of all public policy issues.  

That describes Donald Trump.

Trump sounds so dumb when speaking 'off the cuff' that its hard for me to believe he's smart enough to be a billionaire … or smart enough to be the leading candidate for the Republican nomination.

If they nominate Trump, Republicans are likely to lose three times in a row:  2008, 2012, and 2016.