Friday, February 24, 2017

TRuMP deRANGEment SYNdrome

The post-election circus 

is worse than the pre-election circus! 

As a libertarian, my view of the major party candidates was an old, female crook, versus an old, male loudmouth -- both wanted bigger government, so both were bad choices. 

Unfortunately, the Libertarian candidate didn't sound very bright in several interviews, so I couldn't endorse him either! 

Most Democrats do not accept Donald Trump -- they have started a civil war with the goal of ousting Trump. 

Civil war?

I'm sure most readers will think I'm grossly exaggerating the temporary disappointment of overemotional Democrats, who thought they were going to win until 9pm election night. 

Most people think the protests will soon fade away. 

I disagree -- I think this will get worse -- Democrats have become so unhinged, they've actually made Trump appear "presidential" (if you ignore his tweets).

Democrats are attacking America's elected leaders:
(1) Delaying Cabinet approvals like never before,

(2) Trying to block Education Secretary visits to public schools,

(3) Trying to block executive orders using questionable court decisions
d they will soon be trying to stop nearly all Congressional legislation with Senate filibusters), and

(4) Democrats are having public temper tantrums:
  (a) Wearing funny 'protest' hats,
  (b) Marching with signs,
  (c) Shouting,
  (d) Breaking windows,
  (e) Starting fires,
  (e) Grossly distorting what Trump actually say,
  (f) Creating and spreading fake news,
  (g) Making themselves look like tin-hat conspiracy theory nuts by imagining a shady Trump relationship with Russia's Putin ... with ... absolutely ... no ... evidence such a relationship ever existed , and
  (h) A few Democrats are already talking about impeaching Trump!

Trump's cabinet choices were quite conservative, which pleasantly surprised real conservatives. 

My only objection was General Flynn, who had a history of posting strange thoughts online. 

I don't know why he misinformed VP Pence about the content of his legal phone calls, but I'm glad he's out.

Trump's pre-election promises added up to a huge amount of government spending. 

He was for all the expensive things Democrats usually want (massive infrastructure spending, and no changes to entitlements), plus all the expensive things that Republicans usually want (build up military, and large tax cuts).

So far Trump seems serious about his pre-election promises .... and that will be bad news for conservatives, who have long wanted to eliminate deficit spending. 

I suppose the best way to win an election is to promise lots more spending, and lower taxes too ... which can only lead to huge budget deficits ... something Republicans in Congress opposed when Obama was President. 

It would be smarmy, and hurt them in future elections, if Republicans suddenly decided deficit spending was a good thing when a Republican was President.

Trump is trying to deliver his agenda with executive orders -- that's the wrong way to govern, but was the main method Obama used for his last six years, so there is a precedent. 

Trump's promise to reduce trade deficits, and his threats to charge high tariffs on imports, risks starting a trade war -- something every investor should hope does not happen. 

Democrats seem to forget they have lost a huge number of political seats in the eight years after Obama became President. 

They should now be reconsidering their positions (too far left), and top 2020 contenders (the nearly always angry, pretend to be native American, Elizabeth Warren is a divider, not a leader).

With Democrats unraveling in public -- blaming "Russia" for their loss instead of crooked Hillary Clinton -- it's obvious their party is still in decline. 

Some Hollywood liberals made very angry statements on TV after the election that made the fictional right-wing Floyd R. Turbo character from the old Johnny Carson show, seem like a genius. 

I'll now call them the "Hollywood Dumbocrats".

I've been posting political articles here since April 2016, intending to stop after the political circus ended ... which I assumed would be right after Election Day 2016 ... but it now looks like the circus won't end until Trump is impeached, assassinated, or loses on Election Day 2020.

If I were Donald Trump, I'd wear an armored vest every day.