Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Democrats vs. Republicans

As a small government libertarian, I don't vote for Democrats or Republicans.

The last Democrat I voted for was McGovern in 1972, hoping the Vietnam War would end faster if he won.

I became a libertarian in the mid-1970s.

In 1980 Reagan promised to cut government spending, and I decided to vote for a Republican for the first time.

Reagan didn't cut government spending.

So 1980 was the first time, and last time, I ever voted for a Republican.

As a libertarian, I feel qualified to comment about Democrats and Republicans without bias.

I've been asked by several blog readers to compare Democrats and Republicans.

The difference between the two parties is clear if you study the subject of climate change, as I have since 1997. 

Their two different approaches to climate change have been spreading to all subjects on which the two parties disagree (almost everything, it seems).

Democrats are haters  

(of people who disagree).

-- Democrats usually "debate" with ridicule, character attacks and fake news.

-- As a person who tries to be logical, I have no respect for people who ridicule and character attack, instead of participating in a real debate.

Republicans are debaters 

 (with people who disagree).

-- Republicans debate with facts, data, logic ... and the bible.

-- As a person who is an atheist, I don't accept the bible as a non-fiction reference book to support an argument.