Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Will there be violence on Friday?

In 2001 Gore supporters shut down various parts of the Bush inauguration after increasingly violent crowds pelted his motorcade with eggs.

Many predict a similar fate for Trump this Friday.

Protesters are already descending upon D.C. amid vows to "paralyze the city".

Trump has one advantage that Bush did not: 
5,000 "Bikers for Trump" say they will: 
"form a wall of meat"
and go
"toe-to-toe with anyone 
that is going to break through 
any police barriers."

Bikers and leftists together can only be big trouble.

The liberals are berserk this year.

It's too bad we can't send all of them to live in California and then throw that state out of the Union.

The liberals are making it embarrassing to be an American, and I don't like that at all.

We should be thrilled that we live here, and have so many opportunities.

In the US even a unexceptional Chicago politician, with no on-the-job accomplishments worth mentioning, and no prior management experience, can get his first management position as President of the US !

And get reelected too.

Where else could that happen?

Obama was not a good president, so his party has lost a HUGE number of state and federal political positions in the past eight years ... now including the Presidency.

I expect violence at the inauguration unless there is heavy rain that keeps people away.

I would not be surprised if there are heavy objects thrown at police, or even gunshots. 

The liberals sound like imbeciles (more than usual, I mean), with their post-election whining and character attacks on everyone who disagrees with them.

They seem to be trying to destroy the Trump presidency before it starts!

My wife and I, both over 60, and have participated in peaceful anti-Vietnam War protests a long time ago, but have never seen anything like this.

The flap over Al Gore losing in Florida was -- the technical term is: "small potatoes",  compared with what I see coming.

I really hope I'm wrong about this.

In 2017 I am going to try to:

(1) Avoid people I know are Democrats -- those that have clearly revealed their political beliefs in public -- even relatives,

(2) I will not tolerate people calling Trump "racist", without me fighting back verbally, and

(3) Anyone who calls me, or implies, that I am racist, merely for defending Trump, will be thrown out of my house ... or if we are elsewhere, I will tell them what I think of them, and leave.