Saturday, January 28, 2017

Obama's Top Ten "Accomplishments"

Got a huge number of Republicans in federal and state governments -- Republicans in 2017 have more political power than at any time since the 1920s.

Spent a record $28.7 trillion.

Borrowed a record $10 trillion.

Created $885,000 in new government debt for each of the 11.3 million jobs created, per the Payroll Survey
(Obama falsely claims 15 million new jobs, by completely ignoring the 4 million jobs lost in 2009, his first year as President.)

Created two million new waiter and bartender jobs.
(9.5 million waiters and bartenders in 2009 -- 11.5 million today).

Weakest rebound from a recession since World War II

First administration with not one year of 3% or higher economic growth
(from real GDP data compiled since 1929)

The primary "achievement" of ObamaCare was 12 million people just above the poverty line getting free medical insurance
(Medicaid) available in some states, but not all states.


About 14 million more people currently signed up for free food stamps (SNAP program) versus early 2009 -- amazing when you consider early 2009 was the trough of a recession, and now we are over six years into an economic recovery.


Commuted sentences of 1,715 prisoners, more than the previous 13 presidents combined. 


Worsened racial relations by promoting the completely false belief that police target black suspects (white suspects are killed twice as often during arrests gone bad), and repeatedly jumping to conclusions about black thugs who were killed by white people while committing violent crimes (two examples are Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown)


Received Nobel Peace Prize yet was at war during every month of his eight years as President. And probably lost both wars (I'm assuming the new Iraq and Afghanistan regimes are not capable of lasting one decade on their own without US military support).