Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Night Debate Could be a Circus

As readers here should already know, Donald Trump was my 17th choice of 17 Republicans seeking the nomination.

I found it amusing that Trump has in the past bragged about him being 'God's gift to women' in private on a bus -- it sounded like 90% locker room BS to amuse the guy he was with, who did laugh -- and then Trump walked off the bus, grabbed the TV star around the waist, bent her over backwards and gave her a passionate French kiss ... wait a minute -- nothing like that happened -- Trump walked off the bus, politely shook the hand of an attractive TV actress ... and then had to be goaded by the guy with him into giving her a hug !

I'm sure Trump has said worse on the Howard Stern show -- I find Stern too offensive to listen to, except for his movie Private Parts, which was good.

Since this campaign is about personal attacks, rather than policy debates, I can't imagine Trump will stick to policy tonight.

I assume Trump will be character attacked as a sexual predator, by a woman whose husband really is a sexual predator, and has been one since the 1960s !

The next few articles will provide you with ammunition to understand Bill Clinton and the bizarre Clinton marriage.

I still think Hillary is worse than Trump, but the gap is getting closer -- I would not vote for either of them if they ran for dog catcher in my village!

My usual Presidential favorite is the Libertarian candidate, but Gary Johnson turned me off with his proposed 23% national sales tax ... and then sounded pretty dumb in several interviews.

The green party candidate is a lunatic -- the climate in 2016 is actually better than it has been in at least 500 years -- CO2 is not the climate controller -- and Earth's climate in the past 135 years has been unusually stable, remaining in a mere one degree C. range