Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Comments on two debates and Trump's chances

Trump's  debate  performance:
Prior to the debate I did not believe that Trump could beat any professional politician in a debate, especially a policy wonk like Hillary Clinton, but he did.

And it was not close -- Hillary was on the defensive most of the night.

Trump's  "locker  room  talk":
It was 11 years ago.

It was intended to be a private one-on-one conversation.

I think it was 90% BS.

But it was offensive even for locker room talk.

Yet the extremely biased New York Times did not care that it was offensive -- they printed a transcript with no censorship on their page 1 ... for adults and children to see!

Trump was already behind in the polls.

I'm sure there's lots more locker room talk from Trump on the Howard Stern show -- I find Stern offensive, but that's what he does for a living, and he goads his guests to join in !

I started this blog saying Trump had little or no chance to win.

I later decided that Trump had a chance.
I even bet $1 on him, with 2 to 1 odds.

I'm now back to the belief that Trump has little or no chance to win -- the electoral map was tough for Trump to begin with -- but now there are as many Republicans against him as there were against Barry Goldwater in 1964 -- how can you win when your own party turns on you ?

The mainstream press is so harsh on Trump that when he gives an intelligent Teleprompter policy speech, they ignore him.

When Trump had a press conference just before the Sunday debate, featuring three victims of sexual predator Bill Clinton, victims of offenses from sexual harassment to rape, the mainstream press ignored it.

And when WikiLeaks exposes stunning Hillary Clinton speech excerpts, such as her desire for North and South America to be linked together in a new American Union, like the European Union, with totally open borders and free trade ... the press ignores the hacked emails and her insane open borders policy.

For the Vice Presidential debate, 
Pence won by a landslide 
by appearing Presidential and calm.

Republicans wished he was their Presidential candidate!

Kaine proved himself to be a jerk by interrupting Pence 72 times.

Hillary proved her incompetence by picking a jerk as her running mate !

Of course the moderator was obviously incompetent by allowing so many rude interruptions.

Concerning Trump's sniffling 
/ microphone noise:
I am stunned by how stupid the people in the TV industry are, or how clever they are if they support Hillary, by not immediately explaining the cause of the noise.

I have had the same problem with mic positioning going back to the 1960s.

I realize I have experience with this subject, as an audiophile who got his first reel-to-reel tape recorder and microphones in the 1960s, but hand held mic positioning is a common problem, not a mystery.

The noise is Trump taking a quick deep breath, heard because Trump was holding the microphone too close to his nose, and aimed right at his nose.  

That mic positioning overemphasizes breathing noise, overall volume and the treble frequencies. 

The mainly treble frequencies (noise) of quickly inhaling a breath to avoid a pause when talking, is easily captured by a mic held too close to the nose, especially when aimed directly at the nose.

You can hear breathing noise, like Trump's microphone heard, ONLY if you place one of your ears a few inches from someone's nostrils in a quiet room, and then listen carefully as they breathe in quickly -- preferably working with someone you know well !

Trump's hand held microphone should have been held below his chin, and aimed vertically to get a pleasant tone with less treble, or at a 45 degree angle for more treble if there was background noise in the room