Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13 "data dump" of posts here !

This free 2016 election blog, started in Spring of this year, will continue at least until Election Day, and possibly until the inauguration.

My free climate change blog, with over 8,000 page views since the first post in late 2014, will continue until I run out of interesting climate change articles, papers and books to read, and summarize:  www.elOnionBloggle.Blogspot.com

My economics blog, since 2008, is not free, and is only for newsletter subscribers.

Of course having spare time for these blogs means I am retired, and have been retired since December 2004, at age 51.  I normally support the Libertarian candidate for President, but can not endorse Gary Johnson because of his 23% national sales tax proposal -- retired people don't want more sales taxes!

The last day I posted here was September 2.

There will be no more "silent periods" between now and Election Day

(I had been busy writing my bi-monthly economic newsletter, and finally sent out a six-pager on September 11).

I spent all day September 12 reading my ten-day backlog of political articles, and writing a batch of posts ... for a "data dump" of posts today!

This election is much closer than I expected.

Back in Spring 2016 when I started this blog, I was confident Trump had no chance to win, even against Bernie Sanders.

And that would have been boring.

Fortunately, this has become more interesting than I expected -- Trump does have a chance to win, simply because Hillary has been caught lying so often, and has no charisma. 

Trump alternates between positive and negative charisma.

And now we know Hillary has a health problem too. 

Which makes this election even more interesting. 

It is possible during a debate that Donald will blurt out some bizarre insult, or Hillary will collapse, or maybe both will happen.  

More likely is that Hillary will recite boring talking points she has memorized, and Donald will demonstrate that he has not read one book on economics, healthcare, foreign policy, government etc., since he started campaigning in summer 2015, yet will not be at a loss for words !

Due diligence:
I made a small bet on the election with a neighbor: 

- He gets $1 if Hillary becomes President. 
- I get $2 if Trump becomes President. 
I don't believe the bet will affect my writing here -- I think they are both awful !