Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Benghazi was important / Hillary Health Update

Benghazi was important after all.

Not just up to 600 turned down requests for more security there.

Not just the lack of any explanation of why our ambassador went to the very dangerous city of Benghazi.

Not just the fact that our military did not help during nine hours of attacks.

Not just the fact that the video story was a fraud, made up to help Obama get re-elected
(in the summer of 2012 Obama told the Democratic convention that 'Al Qaeda was on the run' -- so admitting an Al Qaeda was responsible at Benghazi would have looked bad).

Most important was the "secret" private server in Hillary's basement, and the fact that she destroyed ALL of her e-mail files after receiving a subpoena from Congressmen investigating the Benghazi lies, that demanded the preservation of all documents.

What Hillary actually turned over were only hard copies of fewer than half of all her emails.

We'll never know for sure how many thousands of e-mail files existed in the first place
(I would never trust a number provided by a Clinton).

We know Hillary once collapsed, got a concussion, and a blood clot in her brain.

We know Hillary collapsed another time and broke a bone.

We know Hillary is secretive about her health ... and that is one reason I'm interested.

And then I had another reason to be interested: In my last post here, on September 2, I mentioned seeing a video of two big guys helping Hillary up a few stairs to a porch of a house -- I believe the video was from last Spring. 

I have a damaged knee from playing racquetball -- in humid weather I get knee pain, and could use two big guys to help me up stairs!

Franklin Roosevelt was in a wheelchair -- he couldn't go up stairs without  two men helping him -- and that didn't matter. Of course Hillary did not have polio.

My third reason to be interested: Late September 11, a video on MSNBC showed Hillary collapsing on level ground in NYC !

It was a nice day in NYC, about 75 degrees at that hour, although perhaps humid -- I saw men wearing suits.

The excuse of Hillary having to leave early because she was "overheated", did not make sense to me!

Thanks to a random video, we know Hillary needed help to walk to a vehicle, and collapsed before getting in.

I thought Hillary's coughing jags, including the recent coughing in the airplane, were more than just "seasonal allergies".

My own hay fever might cause sneezing or coughing, and red, irritated eyes, but not in an airplane --  there's little pollen inside an airplane!

Then we were told to forget the "overheated" explanation -- pneumonia was the real cause for the collapse -- and it had been diagnosed Friday, September 9, but kept secret until Sunday, September 11 ... revealed only when pneumonia became useful to explain the collapse!

After Hillary collapsed, why was she not taken to an emergency room?

A woman her age collapsing like that should see a doctor immediately -- are the Secret Service agents protecting her all dumb and careless?

There was apparently no doctor or hospital involved ... unless Hillary was secretly taken to a hospital, or a doctor secretly met her at her daughter's apartment !

If Hillary was not taken to a hospital after collapsing, then I speculate she has collapsed in front of the Secret Service, probably more than once.

If Hillary really had pneumonia, then why did she allow herself to be surrounded by staff people for several days, go to her daughter's apartment and allegedly play with her grand children, and then greet a small child in the street in front of her daughter's building?

I've had pneumonia a few times -- it irritated my lungs, and I had an irregular cough that must have lasted three to six weeks.

I'm suspicious that Hillary has a chronic health problem significantly worse than pneumonia, but I will not speculate about what it could be -- if you want speculation you can read the National Enquirer.

I believe the Clintons are political grifters, starting with Hillary's $100,000 commodity trading bribe from a commodities broker in the 1970s, when Bill was Arkansas Attorney General.

But they are very successful grifters, with a net worth over $100 million now, thanks to the biggest charity / slush fund in American history.

It seems that every time new information comes out about Hillary's "secret" e-mails, or the Clinton Foundation, it supports my hypothesis that the Clinton's are grifters, and the Clinton Foundation is charity fraud.