Saturday, June 17, 2017

Update on Seth Rich and James Comey firing

Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich was gunned down July 10, 2016. 

The mainstream media insist the Washington DC neighborhood where Rich was killed was a violent neighborhood.

But in the original CNN video, liberal CNN reported: 
   "that the people living in that neighborhood for more than 60 years say that they cannot even remember the last time in their lives that they heard gunshots around here." 

There was no sign of a robbery -- Rich's watch, wallet/cash and smart phone were not taken. 

Twelve days later WikiLeaks released embarrassing DNC emails that documented DNC favoritism towards Hillary Clinton and an effort to stop her opponent Bernie Sanders. 

The emails led to the resignation of party chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. 

There has been speculation that Rich was the WikiLeaks source, mainly because WikiLeaks said the source was a leak by an DNC insider, and offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich's murderer.

Rich’s killing did not look like an ordinary Washington robbery and murder. 

(1) Maybe Rich’s murderer or murderers botched it -- killing a man in the middle of the night and taking nothing? 

(2) Maybe the murder did not look like a robbery because it wasn't.

Maybe it was a murder meant to send a message to anyone else in the DNC who might have been considering “betraying” the Democrats?

If that was true, making it look like a robbery would have muddled the message. 

After the WikiLeaks’ Podesta and other eMail disclosures, the DNC concocted a Russian hacking story to discredit the eMails and bump their content out of the headlines.

They hired cyber security firm CrowdStrike, owned by Russian ex-patriots who hated Putin, to “verify” their story.

Russia was blamed after one day, as if CrowdStrike had been told the desired "best possible political answer" in advance.

No one in the US government (Obama administration) was ever allowed to check DNC computers and servers to verify the quick CrowdStrike conclusion.

The imaginary Russia - DNC hacking story became the foundation for the imaginary Russian-Trump collusion story. 

Democrats must have assumed the Russia - DNC hacking story would keep the eMail's content out of the headlines, and could be used to smear Trump, making it easier for Hillary Clinton to win, 

Then Trump won the election, and a frantic effort to depose him began immediately. 

The flimsy Russia - DNC hacking story was never abandoned, even though the computers were hidden from government investigation and the only "evidence" to support it was bought and paid for by the DNC.

In addition, the country of origin of malware / hackers is always a guess -- often a wild guess -- and never certain, unless you catch them in the act.

The Russia - DNC hacking story morphed into a phony Russia - Trump collusion story, also with no evidence to support it. 

FBI Director James Comey’s firing was unlike most stories in the leak-prone Trump administration.

There was no leak -- secrecy was tightly maintained. 

Comey was also "fired by television" (a letter was later delivered) while he was 3,000 miles away from Washington in California. 

Perhaps secrecy was maintained, and the trip to California was the intended timing?

At that distance from Washington DC, Comey had no chance to clean out his office paper files and purge his FBI office computer and any electronic files saved on an FBI server.

Comey's laptop computer may have been with him in California.

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions had the authority to take control of Comey’s office paper files, computer, and electronic files on an FBI server (like Hillary Clinton did for Vince Foster's office, minutes after finding out he was dead ... which happened to be only one day after Bill Clinton fired his FBI Director!). 

As head of the FBI, Comey may have collected secrets about friends and foes -- the job’s best perk, according to J. Edgar Hoover. 

If Jeff Sessions now has information from Comey's files, then some people in Washington may be frightened by what he (and Trump?) knows.