Saturday, June 10, 2017

James Comey Should Go To Prison

I wrote an article in early October 2016 calling for FBI Director James Comey to be fired by President Obama.

A good FBI Director is a burearucrat who should be unknown to 99.99% of the population. 

Comey violated that precedent.

Comey's job was to lead an organization that did secret investigations and handed off secret reports to Justice Department prosecutors.   

Comey violated that precedent.

I mentioned that firing Comey was probably the only thing Democrats and Republicans agreed on.

After his shocking self-incriminating testimony this week, I'm now calling for James Comey to be prosecuted for the four felonies listed below, and sent to prison for at least one year.

During his testimony Comey admitted to four felonies that I recognized -- and there may be more.

Comey also admitted he was a "leaker" -- and I find it hard to believe he only leaked government information one time in his whole life!

(Felony #1) 
Loretta Lynch obstructed justice by ordering Comey to call the Hillary Clinton investigation a "matter" rather than calling it an "investigation".

Lynch wanted that word used to match what the Clinton campaign was saying -- the campaign never used the correct word "investigation" -- and using the best propaganda word is very important to liberals.

Comey failed to report this obstruction of justice (and I would be shocked if there was not more obstruction than that not made public yet) -- Comey was apparently so frightened that he did exactly what Lynch told him to do, which was unethical.

Comey had an obligation to report any obstruction to the Inspector General in the Justice Department -- he did not, and that failure was a felony, 

(Felony #2) 
Comey claimed President Trump pressured him to leave General Flynn alone during a one on one meeting in the White House, so flustering him that he failed to tell Trump he couldn't do that.

Pressure on the FBI Director is obstruction of justice -- Comey's failure to report it to his superiors at the Justice Department was a felony. 

Comey also testified to Congress under oath that he has never been obstructed, and then contradicted himself in the latest testimony under oath -- both can't be true.

(Felony #3) 
After meetings with President Trump, Comey said he would sit in his government car, and type meeting notes on a government laptop computer, during his workday as a Justice Department employee.  

Those notes were government property, so it was a felony to send a copy of at least one note to a Columbia Law School Professor friend, with instructions to leak the contents of the note to The New York Times.

(Felony #4) 
James Comey signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of his Justice Department employment contract.

Disclosing what was said in a private meeting with President Trump to a private sector friend violated the non-disclosure agreement, and is a felony.

Comey is a member of the New York Bar Association, he violated their rules by forwarding workplace notes to the New York Times through a friend ... for the sole purpose of embarrassing his former employer -- violating his non-disclosure agreement, and trying to keep his involvement secret was legal misconduct. 

If Comey has a license to practice law, he should lose it.  

PART 1200 
RULE 8.4.


A lawyer or law firm shall not:

(b) engage in illegal conduct that adversely reflects on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer;

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;