Tuesday, May 9, 2017

James "fool" Comey fired and it's about time

Comey was desperate for attention and face time on TV, and should have been fired by Obama on July 6, 2016.

Comey is so incompetent that both political parties hated him, and that may be the ONLY thing they agree on!

Comey told the world Hillary Clinton did everything the Republicans accused her of doing, and more, and then he decided (even though it is never the FBI's decision on whether or not to prosecute anyone) that she ought to be let off without even a slap on the wrist.

Comey claimed espionage required intent.

I read the law, and it certainly does not.

The only thing Comey got right was saying that only current government employees can be punished for violations of the Freedom of Information Act and Government Secrecy Act (only smarmy Congressmen would pass laws where the violators can avoid all punishment simply by quitting, resigning or retiring ... like Hillary Clinton leaving her government job long before her many violations were noticed.

If you take confidential documents off government property, then you are guilty of espionage even if the secret document was a post-it note accidentally stuck to the sole of your shoe when you left work!

The Comey announcement about the Anthony Weiner / Huma Abedin computer just before the election made no sense unless something was found that made Hillary Clinton look worse than the prior investigation ... which we were later told was not found.

Another problem I have with Comey was no apparent investigation of the Clinton Foundation -- the biggest charity fraud in history. 

The Clintons made about $260 million in the 15 years after leaving the White House. 

Most of that was for speeches given to governments and companies who contributed money to the Foundation. 

That is illegal charity fraud because the Foundation claims a non-profit status. 

In fact, the Foundation existed mainly for Bill Clinton to make a huge amount of money, travel around the world, with private jet travel, five star accommodations, (and probably lots of hookers if I know Bill Clinton!) paid for by his Foundation, and then he gives a brief speech about the charity, asks for more money, shakes hands, and poses for pictures, all of which which he loves to do anyway.

The Foundation was also used to employ people Hillary later wanted to work on her presidential campaign and to boost Huma Abedin's salary -- she allegedly had two jobs -- government full time, and Clinton Foundation full time!

more information on the Foundation in a prior post: 

Comey also made a fool of himself by announcing there was an investigation of Russian influence on Trump's campaign ... and almost immediately after that he claimed he could not reveal whether or not there was an investigation of the leaks of phone calls by Trump with foreign leaders, and the leaks of Mike Flynn's conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

Either you never reveal ongoing investigations until they are done, or you always reveal ongoing investigations you are working on -- only a fool like Comey would pick and choose which investigations to tell the public that the FBI was working on!

It has been ten months, and so far there has been no evidence provided to the public that there was any collusion between anyone in the Trump campaign and any Russians, whether Russian government officials, or private businessmen (real businessmen or spies pretending to be businessmen).

The last straw, in my opinion, was when Comey allowed the Democrat National Committee to hire a friendly firm, whose Russian owners hated Putin and Russia, to examine their computers and servers.

One day later the firm told the DNC it was Russians (jumping to conclusions) and the FBI WAS NOT ALLOWED TO EXAMINE THE SAME COMPUTERS AND SERVERS to verify the questionable claim.

James "fool" Comey allowed the DNC hacking investigation to be outsourced by the DNC to a friendly firm, who told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and then Comey rubber stamped the results ... as if it is easy to determine who used the malware.

Comey must have known there is computer hacking malware designed to leave a trail that points to other countries.  The CIA has such malware.  

The company the DNC hired might know where the malware was originally designed, but they would have no idea of the nationality of the person, or team, who used it -- that's just their wild guess.

And we still can't be sure the DNC was hacked -- because WikiLeaks claims they were handed the stolen e-mails (I assume in a flash drive) by a DNC insider who had legal access to the information, but was very angry that the DNC worked hard to keep Bernie Sanders from winning. 

more information on DNC "hacking" in a prior post: