Thursday, May 18, 2017

Comey said under oath no one interfered with investigation

If incompetent James Comey, the fired for many good reasons former FBI Chief, now wants to claim Donald Trump pressured him to stop the investigation of the also fired General Flynn, then he will be guilty of two felonies:

(1) Lying to Congress:
I recall that Comey put Martha Stewart in prison for lying about insider trading to the FBI and never charged her with insider trading (the more I look into Comey's past, the more obvious it is that he does not treat the subjects of his investigations equally),

(2) Failing to immediately report obstruction of justice to his superiors in the Justice Department.

Both felonies could give Comey serious prison time if he now wants to claim he was pressured by Trump in a ine-on-one meeting.

Comey's temporary replacement at the FBI also testified to Congress under oath that no one interfered with the "Russian" investigation.

Listen and watch Comey's testimony under oath at the link below: