Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's a two-ring circus now

(Ring 1) 
Democrats claiming the Russians helped Trump get elected.

Proof of that = none.

(Ring 2) 
Trump claiming Democrats wiretapped (or captured cell phone conversations in the air, I suppose) in Trump Tower.

Proof of that = none  
... but there is some evidence -- the  New York Times and another pro-liberal-biased newspaper had previously reported Trump's top campaign people were wiretapped -- one article was on the front page of NY Times on Inauguration Day ... and General Flynn had private phone conversations leaked (perhaps just metadata?) ... and there were leaks of Trump's phone conversations with the Australian Prime Minister and the Mexican President -- how could there be so many leaks to reporters if some phones were not "tapped" in some way?

Not one news reader or pundit on Sunday TV connected (1) and (2) and reported the obvious situation -- BOTH political parties are throwing mud at each other, and BOTH parties don't seem to care if they can prove their claims! 

 With Trump causing his usual commotion, people may not notice his new executive order on immigration and the outline of the ObamaCare replacement (my quick review of the outline suggests it will be just as expensive as ObamaCare ... meaning the ultra- long-term trend of no politicians ever taking back an entitlement appears to be intact.)