Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tough Trump Triumphs

Predicting the future is so hard to do that the effort is usually a waste of time. 

Almost no one predicted the election result except Donald Trump! 

As an ace salesman, I think he would have predicted a victory if he had been behind 10 points in the polls! 

Almost all the polls correctly predicted Clinton would get more popular votes, so we assumed that meant she'd win the election.

Trump worked harder, must have had 50% more campaign stops than Clinton, and attracted much bigger audiences.

The mainstream media almost universally opposed him, but Trump had charisma ... although it was 'negative charisma' half the time, in my opinion.

Hillary Clinton had no charisma.

Both candidates had no idea how to use a microphone!

Trump shouted too often but his voice quality was not unpleasant.

Hillary shouted less often, but when she did, her voice was shrill and distorted.

I've been an audiophile since the 1960s, so perhaps vocal quality was far too important to me?

My New Year's wish this year is that somehow the Clintons will get punished for their massive charity fraud.

They used the "non-profit" Clinton Foundation to enable them to pocket a stunning average of $17 million per year of reported income, for the 15 years from 2001 through 2015.

As two lawyers, the Clintons have done well on skirting laws to enrich themselves.

This time there was no doubt they claimed their charity was non-profit but pressured contributors to hire them for well-paid speeches.

Bill often traveled abroad for those short speeches, where he shook hands and asked for more contributions.

Then he had the Clinton Foundation pay for his expensive travel, room and board while he was abroad for what was more like a vacation than fundraising trip. 

Some Foundation documents were made public showing in 2013 actual charitable spending was about 6% of total contributions that year.

Without looking it up, I imagine a charity must spend at least 5% of their annual contributions on charity -- that might explain why the Clintons were at 6% in 2013 ?

As two crooks, the Clintons walked off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of owned-by-the-public furniture and other items from White House when they left, and later were forced to return !

A very high level Clinton Foundation insider claimed, in a hacked email, that Chelsea Clinton used Foundation money to support a lavish lifestyle, including her $5 million wedding.

These crimes should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and punished by the Justice Department.