Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trying to understand leftists

I know that's almost impossible.

Here are some sentences from a column in a local left-wing free "newspaper".

The author hates Republicans and his typical column bashes Michigan Republicans with character attacks.

His name is Jack Lessenberry, and I believe he is a Wayne State University journalism professor

I'm sure he would never read a publication that was not leftist-biased.

He is so out of touch with reality it is hard to believe!

"Thanks to this (Trump saying "Crooked Hillary"), and the mindless smears of right- wing radio and TV, by the campaign's end far too many voters were telling pollsters that while they knew Trump was disgustingly sleazy, they believed Clinton was somehow criminal.

However the facts show nothing of the kind. In fact, there is less reason to think Hillary Clinton has committed any crimes whatsoever than almost any other politician, for one reason.

For two decades the Clintons have undergone relentless investigations by committee after committee, most of them politically motivated. Trust me, if she had even stolen a candy bar from her corner drugstore in 1955, we would not only know about it; someone would have filed charges against her."