Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Liberals out of control

The five conventional stages of grief are:
(1) denial,
(2) anger,
(3) bargaining,
(4) depression, and
(5) acceptance.

Liberals replaced (3) bargaining, 

with intolerance for other views.

And they replaced (5) acceptance, 

with defiance, protests, and riots. 

The US will be more divided in the next year than at any time since the Civil War.

There could be another civil war, hopefully without guns!

Democrats will be especially upset when they realize Obama's unconstitutional "a-pen-and-a-phone laws" can be immediately reversed by Trump's pen and phone.

Trump knows he can communicate directly to people through tweets and his own website.

At a website, people can watch full statements on video with no editing or comments.  

Trump does not need the hostile mainstream press to deliberately misinterpret what he says, and should ignore them. 

The New York Times and The Washington Post have turned themselves into Democrat-biased versions of the National Enquirer -- out to get Trump every day.

Both newspapers are fine for lining the bottoms of bird cages.