Friday, October 14, 2016

Latest Trump accuser complemented Trump in 2013 ?

This is getting strange:


 Age: 31

Residence: Huntington Beach

Experience: Started as a restaurant salad girl at 13, now owns Sunny's Restaurant in Huntington Beach.

Summer Zervos paid little attention to "The Apprentice" before she auditioned for it last year, but she still felt she knew what to expect.

"When you work at a restaurant, the people who sit at the counter every day, they know everything about everything," Zervos says.

"They watched the show and so we'd talk about what we'd do in those kinds of situations."

She auditioned in Huntington Beach last spring and after many rounds of interviews was chosen for the show.

"Getting on the show is a full-time job, and so when you're picked, you think, 'Gosh, it was hard to get there, what's next?'" Zervos says.

"It's extremely intense," Zervos says of the experience. "Hard work. I learned a lot about myself and how you respond when the pressure's on. I left admiring Donald Trump a lot more than when I arrived."

Hard work and hard times are things she feels she shares with Trump.

Her family had always worked in the restaurant industry, and most still do today, even after business woes caused them to lose their restaurants and to have to start over from scratch.

"They went bankrupt at the same time that Donald Trump did," Zervos says. "He came out a little better than we did."

She loves her restaurant, but the opportunity of "The Apprentice" seemed a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

"Here's a show that provides an opportunity to work for several companies and see how you'd do," Zervos says. "A pretty exciting opportunity, wouldn't you say?"