Monday, October 31, 2016

James Comey trying to "rig" the election ?

FBI Director James Comey reopened Hillary's email investigation after closing it in early July.

In July he said Hillary demonstrated gross negligence with her private email server, but "no reasonable prosecutor" would bring a case against her.  

I thought Comey should resign and wrote about it here:

Republicans praised Comey for an attempt to correct a corrupt investigation that seemingly ignored critical evidence while granting numerous immunity agreements to Clinton staffers.

According to the Daily Mail, and a source close to James Comey, the decision came after Comey "could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI" who "felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist."

Pressure came from some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director.

'The atmosphere at the FBI has been toxic ever since Jim announced last July that he wouldn't recommend an indictment against Hillary,' said the source, a close friend who has known Comey for nearly two decades, shares family outings with him, and accompanies him to Catholic mass every week.

'Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall,' said the source. 'They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.'

According to the source, Comey fretted over the problem for months and discussed it at great length with his wife, Patrice.

He told his wife he was depressed by the stack of resignation letters piling up on his desk from disgusted FBI agents. 

The letters reminded him every day that FBI morale was low .

'The people he trusts the most have been the angriest at him,' the source continued. 

'And that includes his wife, Pat. 

She kept urging him to admit that he had been wrong when he refused to press charges against the former secretary of state.'

He's not motivated by a desire to make friends having now alienated just about everyone in Washington, both in law enforcement and in both political parties.  

Tim Kaine just last week praised Comey as a "wonderful" career public servant with the "highest standards of integrity"...

...everything has now been turned on it's head with Hillary calling his latest moves "unprecedented and deeply troubling"...seemingly implying Comey was trying to "rig" the election in favor of Trump.

Meanwhile, President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are apparently also "furious" with Comey over his recent decision.

His announcement about the revived investigation came just 11 days before the presidential election, and was greeted with shock and dismay by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the prosecutors at the Justice Department.

'Jim told me that Lynch and Obama are furious with him,' the source said.

'Lynch and Obama haven't contacted Jim directly,' said the source, 'but they've made it crystal clear through third parties that they disapprove of his effort to save face.'

Comey ruined his reputation by letting Hillary get away with crimes, that he clearly described, without even a slap on the wrist.

I have no reason to believe Comey's latest move is not just as bad as his July 5 announcement.

I don't trust him.