Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hillary's Fits of Rage ... and other strange behaviors

A number of inside staffers who worked with Hillary Clinton have gone on record to say Clinton would often erupt into fits of rage. 

Hillary Clinton reportedly once threw a Bible at the back of a Secret Service agent’s head and was subsequently told doing so was not acceptable behavior.

This kind of behavior led Secret Service agents to believe being assigned to Hillary Clinton was “a form of punishment handed down by passive-aggressive middle management.”

As stated by former Secret Service agent, Gary Byrne:
   “Most of us knew to brace for her inevitable eruptions. They didn’t happen every day, but behind closed doors we learned about them fast. In public, she was everyone’s best friend. Privately, she was her normal self.”

“One day, UD
[Uniformed Division] officers met to review events at their respective posts. 

A bewildered new officer arrived. 

‘Hey you’ll never believe it, but I passed the First lady and she told me to go to hell!’ 

A second young officer responded, ‘You think that’s bad? 

I passed her on the West Colonnade, and all I said was ‘Good morning, First Lady.’ 

She told me, ‘Go f— yourself.’ 

‘Are you serious?’ 

‘Go f— yourself!’ 

He imitated her, pointing a finger.”

It is normal for people to become enraged when they are frustrated, though it is likely not as normal to throw heavy objects at others and curse them out for saying hello. 

Perhaps there is a direct reason for Clinton’s heightened frustration in that she is not all there upstairs. 

Senior aide Huma Abedin’s emails disclosed Hillary Clinton is often “confused” and in constant need of careful guidance to understand her own schedule.

Hillary  Acting  Strange ?

Not many politicians have the ability to lie as often as Hillary Clinton. 

Clinton claimed to be named after New Zealand-born Mt. Everest climber, Sir Edmund Hillary ,despite the fact he climbed Mt. Everest six years after she was born. 

She lied about her infamous email scandal and continues to joke about it to this day. 

She consistently lied about what happened in Benghazi, claiming a controversial video incited the violence that resulted in the deaths of American personnel on that fateful day.

She even lied about being under sniper fire in the Bosnian war zone
-- that turned out to be a complete fabrication. 

What’s most concerning is Hillary's displays of behaviors that most people tend to find unnerving.

See for yourself.

For maximum effect, start with a video of Muammar Gaddafi screaming, and Hillary Clinton’s reaction, at the link below, and then click on the next four links to videos -- do all five in a row:

See Hillary Clinton bobbing her head frantically before she completely ignores the question being asked and recommends an iced chai beverage.

See Hillary Clinton making a face so ridiculous one should question whether the person behind the wheel has taken a permanent vacation.

See Hillary Clinton barking like a dog to her constituents.

See Hillary Clinton referring to Donald Trump as her husband.

How confident are you about Hillary's qualifications after viewing the five videos, and knowing how little she has accomplished on the job as First Lady, as Senator for eight years, and as Secretary of State for four years?

Not to mention Hillary's extreme lying, even when compared with only other politicians (who are above average liars!)