Friday, October 14, 2016

New focus on hacked emails

(note for youngsters: 

"Floyd R. Turbo" was a Johnny Carson comedy skit character)

I'll spend the next month focusing on the hacked emails so you know more about Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats before Election Day.

People voted for Obama knowing very little about him.

There's no reason people should vote for Hillary Clinton without knowing the real Hillary Clinton.


Following is the first paragraph of the SUMMARY from my May-June 2014 economics newsletter feature article on Saul Alinsky, with spaces added between sentences for easier reading:

"Saul  Alinsky: Father of Community Organizing


Do you wonder why gay rights activists, feminists, and civil rights activists are so quick to call people who disagree with them homophobes, sexists, and racists? 

Blame Saul Alinsky. I expect the 2014 and 2016 election campaigns to set new records for slander and character attacks. 

That's already a popular Democrat strategy, so what's new? 

What's new is I expect Republicans to adopt the same tactics. 

Aggressive politics. 

Obnoxious politics. 

Alinsky tactics have become more common in the past decade. 


Character attacks. 

Demonization. "

After watching smarmy Democrats character attack Mitt Romney, and win the 2012 election, it was obvious to me that their Saul Alinsky-style tactics worked.

If you can demonize a candidate like Romney, who was like an all-American boy scout, then you can demonize anyone.

I opined in a 2014 newsletter article that Republicans could not win unless they resorted to similar Saul Alinsky personal attacks to put Democrats on the defensive.

In my first post on this blog in mid-March 2016, I wrote the following, which seems even more likely now:

"I expect the four most important economic problems will rarely be discussed this year, if at all:

(1) The slowest rebound from a recession in American history,

(2) Funding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid for baby boomers without excessive borrowing, 

(3) The Fed's low interest rate policy since the mid-1990s is not working -- low rates generated three consecutive debt-funded asset bubbles, peaking every seven to eight years
( 2000,  2007 / 2008,  and 2014 / 2015 ), and 

(4) An unjustified 'war' on inexpensive fossil fuels through the false demonization of CO2 "

The good news for Donald Trump is that he likes to character attack.

More good news for Donald Trump is that the Clintons are the most corrupt presidential-level politicians in modern history:

-- The Clintons didn't go from "broke" in January 2001, to earning over $250 million in the next 15 years, and now having over a $100 million net worth, from merely having a non-profit "charity" that paid them no salaries. 

-- They sold much more than just short speeches about the Clinton Foundation
(Bill) and short speeches praising private industry (Hillary).

-- The Clintons sold:
(1) Access to, and favors from, the Secretary of State
(The Associated Press revealed over 55% of private contacts with Secretary of State Clinton were with Clinton Foundation donors),

(2) Favoritism for companies looking to profit from rebuilding Haiti, and

(3) Access to, and future favors from, someone expected to be the next president.

Donald Trump first went wrong by character attacking fellow Republicans and making enemies.

Donald Trump also 'went wrong' when the FBI decided in advance that Hillary Clinton was not going to get prosecuted, or even slapped on the wrist for obstructing justice by destroying all her emails after getting two Congressional subpoenas to preserve them, and espionage -- taking top secret information off government property.

It's no coincidence the demonization of Trump as a sexual predator started the same day that damaging WikiLeaks e-mails began being released.

Will the hacked emails be damaging if the mainstream press does not want people to know about them?

Of course not -- and they will ignore them.

That's why I'll spend the next month reporting on those hacked emails so you know more about Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats before Election Day.

People voted for Obama knowing very little about him.

There's no reason people should vote for Hillary Clinton without knowing the real Hillary Clinton.

Almost all mass media outlets do not support Trump, and some are actively trying to help Clinton win, we are finding out from the hacked emails.

There has been more media bias in 2016 than I've ever witnessed in my life.

I remember that in 2008 the mainstream press was happy to let Obama be nearly a "mystery candidate".

In 2008 you had to read Obama's books if you wanted to know about his past -- getting his own biased, and partly fictional
(which he admitted), biographies.

People who voted for Obama in 2008 knew almost nothing about his prior meaningful on-the-job accomplishments, which were very few
(even less than Hillary Clinton's few meaningful on-the-job accomplishments).

Mainstream Press vs. Donald Trump in 2016:
- Mainstream press accepts every sexual assault claim made against Donald Trump.

- The fact that claims started just before an Election Day does not seem to create any suspicion.

- This is a safe time for women to make such claims, because Trump is far behind in the polls, and not likely to be President, so the claims will be forgotten one day after Election Day.

Mainstream Press vs. Bill Clinton in 1990s:
-- Mainstream press dismisses every sexual assault claim made against Bill Clinton.

-- This was a risky time for women to make such claims, because Bill Clinton was President -- the most powerful man on the planet ... with the power to ruin their lives.