Friday, October 21, 2016

Al Smith Charity Dinner

It has been tedious for me to watch these debates -- I only watch to write something about them in this blog.

Normally I read transcripts of political speeches and debates -- I'm not impressed with who is a better "talker'.

The Al Smith dinner last night should have been fun but it was painful to watch.

Trump started with some good jokes, presented well, and then began criticizing Hillary.

I agreed with what Trump said about Hillary, but the dinner has a tradition of self deprecating humor, and any political attack has to be indirect -- presented as a joke that's funny.

Obama and Romney managed to follow the unwritten rules in 2012.

When Hillary started speaking I assumed all she had to do was to read the jokes on her script and sit down.

Well, Hillary has almost no idea how to be funny -- she is robotic and doesn't modulate her voice correctly to tell a joke.

She could have said thank you after the weak jokes, and sat down -- making Trump look like a mean old man in comparison.

But Hillary decided to attack Trump instead. 

And she viciously attacked Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Other than a a lot of good Trump jokes at first, and one or two jokes Hillary managed to make funny, the show was painful to watch.

Trump called Hillary a nasty women in the last debate.

She is -- ask any secret service guard who has been around her, or read their books.

Hillary could have called Trump as nasty man.

He is too.