Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump the good guy ?

The mainstream media hide Trump's good deeds because they almost all support Hillary Clinton, whose bad deeds they overlook, or present in a biased way. 

The purpose of this blog is to dig up and present information that should be thoroughly covered by the mainstream press, but is not.

I'm interested in what politicians have done in the past, not their glorious promises for the future.

A man was being beaten to death with a bat…
…Donald Trump never sought attention for this story, but during a trip he noticed a man on the sidewalk being brutally assaulted by a “big guy” with a baseball bat. 

Trump noticed the victim taking “5 or 6 whacks” and knew he was about to be killed.

Without hesitation, Trump told the driver to pull the car over and he leaped out of the car. 

His ex-wife Marla Maples was tugging at his arm trying to stop him.

Trump saved NYC Veterans Day parade marking 50th anniversary of end of WW II

…Trump holds the Phelps Award as 2008 Honoree of the Year by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.

UPI reported in 1995 how Trump was credited with ‘saving’ the New York Veterans Day Parade. 

The parade that year was marking the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II.

Police estimated 500,000 people attended the largest military parade ever held in New York. 

Organizers, who placed the turnout at closer to a million, said the parade would not have been a success if it hadn’t been for real estate developer Donald Trump, who contributed $200,000 and raised another $300,000.

“Donald Trump saved the parade,” said parade director Tom Fox, himself a Vietnam veteran. 

“We had asked for donations from 200 corporations, and none of them came through,” he said.

“This donation is the single most important thing I’ve ever done,” said a beaming Trump. 

“This is more important than all of my buildings and my casinos."

"This is my way of saying thank you to all the men an women in the armed services who have made it possible for me to become a success."

"Without them freedom and liberty would be gone.”

…Organizers received no contributions from the 200 corporations they asked, among them military contractors to whom they presented documentation of profits made on weapons used in World War II.

“Zippo, dada, zilch,” Mr. Fox said. 

“Nothing from Northrup, United Technologies, none of them. To me, it’s a sin.”
By mid-August, organizers had a bank account of exactly $1.21.

This was not Trump’s first time supporting the New York Veterans Day Parade. 

In 1987 Trump gave $1 million to help the parade when it was in transition, according to a history of the parade reported by Business Insider in 2013.

At the Republican National Convention, Rudy Giuliani breaks promise to Donald Trump during his speech:

“Every time New York City suffered a tragedy, Donald Trump was there to help."

"He’s not going to like my telling you this, but he did it anonymously,” Giuliani said, calling Trump a “man with a big heart.”

“When police officers were shot, when firefighters were hurt, when people were in trouble, he came forward and he helped, and he asked not to be mentioned." 

"Well, I am going to break my promise to him. I am going to mention it,” he added. as the crowd cheered.

“I am telling you this because I am sick and tired of the defamation of Donald Trump by the media and by the Clinton campaign,” Giuliani said in a rebuff to accusations about Trump’s charitable giving.

“This is a good man and America should be sick and tired of their vicious nasty campaign,” he said. 

“You deserve to know this about your next president.”


Trump insisted on including Jews and blacks at his Palm Beach club in 1990s:

“When Donald opened his club in Palm Beach called Mar-a-Lago, he insisted on accepting Jews and blacks even though other clubs in Palm Beach to this day discriminate against blacks and Jews." 

"The old guard in Palm Beach was outraged that Donald would accept blacks and Jews so that’s the real Donald Trump that I know.”…

"In the 1990s, Trump was running into a problem getting his golf course approved by the local town council in Palm Beach, which was imposing restrictions on his bid."

"So Trump shot back with maximum effect." 
As reported by the Washington Post’s Mary Jordan and Rosalind Helderman on Nov. 14, 2015: “Trump undercut his adversaries with a searing attack, claiming that local officials seemed to accept the established private clubs in town that had excluded Jews and blacks while imposing tough rules on his inclusive one.”

The Washington Post report continues, “Trump’s lawyer sent every member of the town council copies of two classic movies about discrimination: ‘A Gentleman’s Agreement,’ about a journalist who pretends to be Jewish to expose anti-Semitism, and ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ about a white couple’s reaction to their daughter bringing home a black fiancĂ©.”

"Sometimes, in judging the character of an individual, it pays to see what people actually do when nobody’s really paying attention. 

When it came to segregation in the South at private, all-white country clubs, it might have been in Trump’s business interests to simply look the other way. 

Instead, Trump did the right thing and insisted on desegregation at his golf resort."

And he won.

(Members at Mar a Lago get privileges at a large handful of Trump golf courses. Mar a Lago is a club not a course. That fact escapes journalist all the time.)

Trump and eminent domain

The history of the greedy Coking widow:

In the late 1970s, Penthouse tycoon Bob Guccione, eager to get in on the Atlantic City casino action, offering Ms. Coking $1 million for her lot. 

She refused. 

Exasperated, Guccione tried to build his facility around the house, but his project went broke before he could finish, leaving a massive steel framework virtually encasing the house.

She had run the house as a low income “boarding” home, but did not take any borders from the time the first casino was built in 1978.

Trump comes along in the early 1990’s and acquires the unfinished Guccione project -- the CRDA
(the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) offered her low market value – condition considered, and she refused. 

She wanted one million
dollars (even though she had refused that same amount when offered to her in 1980, then later when Trump came up to her asking price, she refused her own one million dollar price).

She blamed Trump personally for some damage done to her roof by the construction company that had the job of disassembling that steel structure that Guccione had built OVER her house.

The construction company took full ownership of the damage, and offered to pay her $90,000 to have repairs. 

She refused. 

She wanted more money, and wanted to sue Trump to get it. 

The judge wouldn’t go for that. 

Eventually she took the $90,000 because she was so far in arrears on her property taxes that she was in immediate danger of having the house foreclosed for unpaid taxes.

Superior Court Judge Richard Williams said the attempt by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take the property for a new parking lot and a public park at Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino was flawed because it did not guarantee that the company would not later use the land simply to expand the business. 

Yet, Trump never did do anything with that land he had the massive structure removed from except build a parking lot AND a landscaped public green-space.

Trump did the widow a huge favor in the end by removing that massive steel structure that the first developer had built OVER and surrounding her house. 

And he had a parking lot and green space landscaped where the massive structure had been. 

She was hunkered down under that thing for a dozen years because she was holding out for more money. 

Without the casinos that were going in, her property wasn’t worth half of what she had been offered in 1979, but she figured she’d get rich off of it. 

It didn’t work out that way for her and she eventually lost the place because of unpaid taxes.

$20,000 Is what Vera Coking and her husband paid for the 29-room boardinghouse/low income rooming house in 1961.

$1 million offered by Bob Guccione in 1979/1980.

$1 million later offered by Trump

$2 million offered by Trump prior to the auction.

It was also reported in newspapers that Trump not only offered her $2 million, but in addition offered to provide her a free place to live in Palm Beach FL for the remainder of her life.

$995,000~Reduced asking price prior to forced auction.

$530,000~Actual price fetched at auction for unpaid taxes.