Monday, August 1, 2016

IRS to Investigate Clinton Foundation ?

A July 15, 2016 letter by 64 House Republicans sent to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requested an investigation of The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, for “public corruption” and “pay-to-play” activities.

The 64  are being led by Representative Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who is vice chairwoman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which oversees the FTC.

Blackburn said the Clinton Foundation was tax-exempt ONLY to construct and manage Clinton’s presidential library.

Their application was limited to a presidential archive in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Foundation never got IRS approval to become a tax-exempt organization with operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

The expansion into a global foundation was not approved by the IRS.

IRS rules require The Clinton Foundation’s board of directors to include independent, arm’s-length board members.

The Foundation's board actually consists of close friends, business colleagues and big donors to the Clintons.

The investigation will be led by IRS's Exempt Organization Program in Dallas -- the division that regulates public foundations and charities.

It was formerly led by Lois Lerner when hundreds of conservative, evangelical and tea party non-profit applicants were illegally targeted and harassed.

I doubt if Obama's IRS will do any investigating of a foundation controlled  by Democrats.

Laureate Education and Uranium One were two companies that have paid a lot of money to the Clintons, and later received official government benefits.

I have previously discussed Uranium One on this blog.

Laureate hired former President Bill Clinton as “honorary chancellor,” paying him $16.5 million over five years.

Laureate operates for-profit universities in 28 countries.

Laureate also donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

While Bill was collecting over $3 million a year from Laureate, and his wife was Secretary of State, the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank) invested $150 million in Laureate.

It was the largest-ever single International Finance Corporation investment in an educational company.

The US government is the largest contributor to the International Finance Corporation.