Monday, May 2, 2016

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina?

I wrote an article about Ms. Fiorina for my economics blog when she first got attention after a good debate performance.

I sent a draft to a relative who knew her, and was once her corporate speechwriter. There was agreement with my assessment, which was not positive.

At the moment I can't find a copy of the 2015 article to post here, so here's a summary:  Fiorina didn't do a good job at Lucent, or at Hewlett Packard.  

Her performance at Lucent could be excused by getting the CEO job before a technology stock crash that hurt the whole industry ... but there was no possible excuse for what happened to HP when she was CEO.

Ted Cruz seems to be an honest  (relative to other politicians, not relative to normal people!) guy with conservative principles. 

He's a good debater, and a very smart guy.

But his 'income tax on a postcard / abolish the IRS' proposal is crazy.

People have been making investment decisions, home purchase decisions, auto lease versus buy decisions, etc., based on the tax laws at the time.

To fit an income tax return on a postcard would require a lot of revisions to existing tax laws and deductions.  

Some taxpayers would be happy, and others unhappy, from significant tax law changes.

As someone who has always done his own tax returns, I know the hardest part is completing a brand new form I'd never seen before, and the second hardest part is learning why a form I'd used before had changed from the prior year.

I'd prefer keeping the current, complicated tax laws if my taxes were lowered  ... versus changing tax laws to use a simple tax form, that saved me a few hours of work every year , but did not lower my taxes.

Cruz is far too religious for me, but Presidents don't seem to promote their religion when in the White House -- does Obama ever talk his 20-year relationship with the always angry at white people Reverend Wright?

If Ted Cruz wanted to win Indiana, he should not have made a deal, or allowed a deal to happen, with his opponent Kasich.

A secret deal might have been clever -- but when the public found out, and there was no denial, the deal appeared smarmy and desperate.

Then the Indiana Governor endorsed Cruz, but it was a lukewarm endorsement by a politician simultaneously trying not to offend Trump!

Naming a vice president so early also made Cruz appear desperate.

If the VP was from Indiana, that would have been clever and brilliant.

But the VP was a former CEO, who laid off a lot of HP employees in the US, while hiring people overseas.

That's the last thing the people of Indiana want in a candidate's past -- it's a state that has suffered from similar corporate "outsourcing".

I think Cruz's recent decisions will hurt him in Indiana -- a state that should have been an easy win.

Cruz's main problem is that Obama so effectively bypassed Congress, that no Republican member of  Congress can claim significant accomplishments there!

I suppose a secondary problem with Cruz, especially with women, is he has so little charisma.

Hillary has the same lack of charisma problem with men, in my opinion, but her level of dishonesty is so extreme that her other faults are often overlooked.