Friday, April 15, 2016

Clinton Sanders Screamfest

I listened to the debate late night and here's my conclusion:

The party of "diversity" found two old white people to run !

Bernie looks too old to be President, but has a lot of energy for someone his age. I think he still has a chance.

Hillary has a horrible-sounding monotone voice when she shouts -- it makes my ears hurt. 

As an audiophile, I'm much more sensitive to vocal quality than the average person. 

Someone should teach all the candidates how to use a microphone -- because the crowd was loud (that was fun), the candidates seemed to think they had to shout into the microphone -- they didn't -- they just needed their mouths closer to it than when speaking in front of a quiet crowd.

Bernie's Brooklyn accent must sound strange to a lot of people. My Mom is from Brooklyn, and I lived in Brooklyn while in graduate school in Manhattan, so I'm used to it.  I made a strong effort to avoid copying the accents my parents had -- I tried to imitate the news anchors on NYC stations that I watched when growing up, and I think I succeeded, except for calling those lovely creatures I hear chirping in the trees: "boids".

Summary of what I think Democrats want:
- Government takeover of the drug industry.
- Government takeover of the rest of the medical care industry.
- Government forces banks to split up & become smaller.

- Government outlaws guns so gun crime will disappear.
- Fighting global warming is more important than fighting global terrorism. 

I was a Democrat in the 1960s and 1970s when Democrats did not trust the government. The party now loves the government, so is unrecognizable to me.