Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Bellwether Counties -- 18 of 19 went for Trump (more details)

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Several events made me very suspicious of massive voter fraud in the November 3, 2020 election. Unfortunately, suspicions are not proof of voting fraud, just indicators:

Leftists have thrown false charges at Donald Trump for four years. Anything close to an honest election, after four years of harsh attacks on Trump, would have shocked me. I did write that Trump would win in an honest election, but I do not believe this election was close to honest.
Joe Biden was a candidate with low charisma.  An old white man was not what Democrat socialists (aka falsely called "progressives") wanted.  Biden picked a vice president who progressives liked, but she had done very poorly in the Democrat primaries. ... Then Biden barely campaigned at all, as if trying to prove he was old and had little energy. Or he expected to win if he did nothing? Never in modern history has any presidential candidate campaigned so little, and discussed "his" policies so rarely.
Republicans did very well in the 2020 elections -- surprisingly well -- leaving Nancy Pelosi with an unusually small majority.  Republicans supported by Trump did well. But Trump did not? Very unusual for an incumbent president for his party to do so well ... except for him.

Republicans expanded their control of state legislatures in the 2020 election, flipping both chambers in one state, while gaining more than 160 seats overall.

Their lead over Democrats increased to more than 700 seats (about 67 percent) from over 400, although that number will change with some remaining contests not yet decided.

Based on an August 2020 paper investigating over 3,000 US counties, by researchers at the University of Denver and the University of New hampshire.
19 bellwether counties had a perfect track record of favoring the Presidential winner since 1980 -- the past 40 years. 18 of the 19 favored President Trump in 2020, by an average of 16 percentage points. Biden won only 1 of 19 -- Clallam County Washington -- by aout three percentage points.  
Note: Trump also won 51 of 59 counties that had a perfect record since 2000, by an average of 15 percentage points. The 4 of 59 counties that Biden won were by an average of 4 percentage points.
Bellwether counties tend to be small (only 2 of 19 have over 100,000 population) that are predominantly poorer, whiter and less educated than average. 
15 of 19 are located in the Midwest  -- 4 in Wisconsin alone -- and Northeast United states. Median incomes range from $32,000 in Hidalgo County in New Mexico, to $65,000 in Bremer County, Iowa.
But ... both Hidalgo County and Valencia County -- the only two New Mexico counties -- are almost 60 percent Hispanic. And Westmoreland County in Virginia is one-third black.

Vigo County in Indiana is the most amazing. The people there favorded the presidential winner in all election but two since 1888 !  They picked William Jennings Bryan over President william Taaft in 1908 and Adlai Stebenson over President Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. Meaning the county was 'right' since 1956 !
Most important is these counties do not always vote for the same political party.
They favor the winners.


The  19  Bellwether  Counties

Clallam, WA

Valencia, NM
Hidalgo, NM
Sawyer, WI
Juneau, WI
Marquette, WI
Richland, WI
Bremer, IA
Warren, IL
Van Buren, MI
Shiawassee, MI
Ottawa, OH
Wood, OH
Vigo, IN
Westmoreland, VA
Washington, ME
Essex, VT
Oswego, NY
Cortland, NY